Genshin Impact Yanxiao’s Crazy Kitchen Guide

Yanxiao’s Crazy Kitchen is a short yet interesting Rite Tale in Genshin Impact. In this tale, you must visit a chef called Smiley Yanxiao, who gives you few tasks to complete.

In this Genshin Impact Yanxiao’s Crazy Kitchen guide, we have given detailed information on how you can complete those tasks to end the tale.

Genshin Impact Yanxiao’s Crazy Kitchen

The Yanxiao’s Crazy Kitchen tale is found on the second page of the Lantern Rite main event menu. Once you’ve selected the tale, you must head over to Wangshu Inn and have a brief chat with a cook called Smiley Yanxiao.

Smiley Yanxiao is really stressed out with his work; therefore, he asks for your help and appoints you a task to deliver Chicken-Mushroom Skewers to his customers (Holderin and Caspar).

In case you don’t have the Chicken-Mushroom Skewers, you can always make one with 1 Mushroom and 1 Fowl for each. Once you have everything you need, head downstairs to Holderin and Caspar, speak to them, take their order and return to Smiley Yanxiao.

Tell Smiley to make a Vegetarian Abalone and Jueyun Chilli Chicken. This completes the first half of the task.

Soon after Smiley tells you to deliver 2 orders at Stone Gate. Use teleportation for the delivery and collect three Almonds, three Tofu, and three Rice before returning to Smiley.

Once you’ve collected all the ingredients, give Smiley and Jiangxue (fisherman) a Xiao Lantern. If you’re not aware of how to build a Xiao Lantern, simply follow the steps below.

Building A Xiao Lantern

To build a Xiao Lantern, you need to have a Lantern Fiber, Wick Material and a Plaustrite Shard.

Lantern Fiber can be acquired from a harvestable plant, Wick Material is found as a dropping from defeated enemies such as Hilichurl-type enemies and Fatui Elites and lastly, Plaustrite Shard is acquired from a harvestable ore.

This was the short yet interesting Rite Tale of Yanxiao’s Crazy Kitchen in Genshin Impact.

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