Genshin Impact Wangshu Once Again Walkthrough

In this Genshin Impact Wangshu Once Again guide, we’ll explain how to start and complete this side quest during the Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Wangshu Once Again

Wangshu Once Again is your gateway quest to the Lantern Rite Tales II in Genshin Impact.

With the influx of visitors on the Lantern Rite festival, the operations at Wangshu Inn have fallen into chaos.

You need to help Verr Goldet get things in order and ensure smooth operations at the inn. Go meet Verr Goldet to begin the quest.

You’ll find her on the top floor of Wangshu Inn. Completing the quest will reward you with Primogems, Festive Fever, and Mora

Help in the Kitchen
Right after you begin the quest, you’ll be required downstairs in the kitchen. Once you’re in the kitchen, look around for Smiley Yanxiao, he’s the chef.

After you talk to him, he’ll ask you to bring certain ingredients to him. The Ingredients are located in crates by the docks in the north.

There are three crates in total. Collect all three ingredients and head back.

Decorating the Entrance of Wangshu Inn
It’s the Lantern Rite festival but doesn’t seem so festive outside of Wangshu Inn. For this, you can hang some Xiao Lanterns outside the entrance of the inn.

You can do so by approaching the quest marker near the entrance of the inn.

Deliver the Ingredients
The ingredients that you picked up at the docks still need to be delivered back to Smiley Yanxiao.

Head back to the kitchen, put down the ingredients, and interact with the chef.

Talk to Verr Goldet

Now that the ingredients have been delivered and everything in the kitchen is in order, you need to update Verr Goldet about this.

Eventually, you’ll be joined by Wang’ya and it will be brought under your knowledge that Mr. Bohuan has been kidnapped and you’ll have to rescue him.

Rescuing Mr. Bohuan
He’s being held captive by the enemies in the Dihua Marsh area, north of the inn.

Defeat the enemies, and Mr. Bohuan will request you to get him 1 Cor Lapis and 1 Qingxin.

Finishing the Quest
After delivering the required material to Mr. Bohuan go back to the inn and talk to Wang’ya to complete the quest.

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