Genshin Impact The Chi of Yore Walkthrough

The world of Teyvat holds many secrets, and Genshin Impact offers the player an opportunity to unravel such mysteries. Be it through the main quest or side quests that evolve into something more. This Genshin Impact guide will delve into the Chi of Yore quest and help you navigate through it.

Genshin Impact The Chi of Yore

To start the quest, you need to head towards the ruins located to the south of Wuwang Hills in Liyue. Upon arrival, search for an NPC named Yan’er. She will be found loitering close to the vicinity of the region’s Teleportation Waypoint.

Once you speak to her, you will be asked to head towards the ruins located on the map. You will need to deal with the Ruin Hunter before interacting with the fragments.

After that, your objective will be updated, thus asking you to interact with 3 statues scattered throughout the region. These statues are usually near these gargantuan amber rocks, so upon locating them, interact with them.

After you complete this objective, it’s time to move to Qingce Village for information. Speak to the locals and the village’s elder, Granny Ruoxin.

Talking to the village leader will trigger the next step in the quest. You need to locate the remaining fragments needed to complete the quest. Fortunately, the last two fragments are fairly close to the village. The location of the Westwards fragment can be found below:


Upon arrival at the aforementioned location, you will need to complete a quick puzzle in order to unlock the last fragment. To accomplish this, all you need to do is to interact with the statues in a specific order, as shown below:

Finally, it is time to find your last fragment. Travel to the peak of Qingce Village located Southeast of the village and North of Wuwang hill. It is suggested that you teleport to the waypoint located to the east of Qingce Village and then head towards the location marked on the map below:

Once you reach there, a number of statues will welcome you to the peak. Similar to the previous puzzle, you need to interact with the statues in a specific order to obtain the fragment.

Upon completion, obtain the fragment and retrace your steps to Qingce Village. Speak to Granny Ruoxin, after which you need to travel towards the Vault. The Vault can be found below the waterfall north of Qingce Village.

Once you reach there, all you need to do is to use the fragments as a key and open the gate. Before you explore the area, tweak your team and weapon composition since the battle ahead will be challenging. Composed of a mix of treasure hoarders and a few Ruin Guards, Hunters, this fight will definitely test out your strength before your quest is completed.

And so, the curtain closes after the fight. Explore the Vault, reap the rewards and report back to Qingce Village’s elder. In addition to rewards, you will be granted an achievement Crouching Dragon, Hidden Chi.

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