Genshin Impact Parametric Transformer Guide

The new 1.3 update for Genshin Impact, “All that Glitters,” is live now and along with it comes a string of new features for the game, one of which is the Parametric Transformer. This guide will explain all the details about the Parametric Transformer in Genshin impact, including how you can get your hands on it.

Genshin Impact Parametric Transformer

The Parametric Transformer is this handy device that allows you to convert excess ascension materials and other excess stuff in your inventory to other different items. Before you start to use it, you need to acquire it first.

Getting the Parametric Transformer

There is a relatively easy quest by which players get the Parametric Transformer. What you need to do is head over to Liyue Adventure’s guild.

There you can find Lan, and he will have a bunch of side quests, but “Tianqiu Treasure Trail” is the one we want. Although to actually get the quest player may need to have completed some of Lan’s other side quests.

The quest is pretty straightforward; you just need to follow the map markers.

The first objective is getting a map; you will have to fight a few mobs on the way to it though.

The Treasure map will lead you to the Dunyu Ruins. The treasure icon will point towards the top-left corner of said ruins.

You can directly glide to that location if you teleport to the statue of the seven, head straight north from there and you can glide down.

There will be a stack of books at the marked location; interacting with them makes three circles appear around the ruins, each with its own treasure to be looted.

After getting all three, return to Lan. Turn in the quest to complete it and get the Transformer.

Using the Parametric Transformer

Ok, so there are two things players should know about the Transformer. Firstly, everything you transform will yield a totally random result, and secondly, you can only use it once every 7 days.

Now to actually use the parametric transformer, you need to keep adding items to it until you reach 150 points. Points are generated based on rarity:

  • Common/green – 1 point
  • Rare/blue – 2 points
  • Epic/purple – 4 points

Once 150 points are reached, you then have to hit it with your elemental powers until it reaches a 100%, and voila! You will have brand new random items in your inventory.

This was not the only addition by the new update, the alchemy bench received an update as well. Find out about that in our Dust of Azoth guide.

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