Genshin Impact Outspoken Linling Walkthrough

In this Genshin Impact Outspoken Linling Walkthrough, we will explain in detail how to complete one of the Requests during the Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Outspoken Linling

This request is part of the Lantern Rites Tales 1 collection. To complete this request players need to help Linling (an NPC) in completing several deliveries.

Once you start the Lantern Rite Tale, you need to visit Linling who is in the area to the north of the Ministry of Civil Affairs in Liyue Harbor.

She will be next to the shipping crates and once you speak to her, you’ll find out that she is bad at making Lanterns.

Once you offer your help to her, the quest will start.

Crafting Lanterns for Linling
The first step of this quest is to craft 3 lanterns for Linling and give them to her. It’s fairly simple. All you need to do is gather the required material for crafting 3 lanterns and then craft them at the workbench.

The materials required to craft lanterns are:

Craft the lanterns and give them to Linling in order to move on to the next objective.

Manager Xiao
Now, you need to meet Linling at the marker and after you complete your interaction with her, go and see Manager Xiao who is near the Blacksmith in Liyue Harbor.

You have to meet the old man and deliver the poem and lantern to him. After this, you need to make two more deliveries.

Your next recipient is Degui who is outside Wanmin Restaurant. Just like before, when you reach the quest icon, you will first have to interact with Linling, and then you can deliver the poem and the lantern to Degui.

The final person to who you need to deliver a lantern and poem is Bibo and he is can be found on the wooden dock which is near the main bridge of Liyue Harbor.

The main bridge is next to the Theater Mechanicus table.

Once again, you need to interact with Linling on the marker and then deliver the poem and lantern to Bibo.

Once you finish the delivery, the Outspoken Linling request will be completed and you will receive Primo gems, Festive Fever, and Mora.

And this is how you can easily complete the Outspoken Linling in Genshin Impact during the Lantern Rite event.

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