How To Solve The Mystery of The Arcadian Ruins in Genshin Impact

In this Genshin Impact Mystery of The Arcadian Ruins guide, we will be explaining in detail how you can complete The Arcadian Ruins quest in the all new Action RPG Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Mystery of The Arcadian Ruins

The world of Genshin Impact is pretty vast and has a wide variety of quests to undertake.

One such quest is tracking down pirate treasure for Kaeya (one of the members of the knights).

Since Kaeya is a member of the knight’s guild, he cannot be seen as having dealings with the black market or with pirates.

That’s why he needs you to track down this treasure for him.

The Arcadian Ruins
First of all, you need to head to the Adventurer’s Guild and inquire about the Arcadian Ruins.


The NPC outside the Adventurer’s Guild won’t know anything, so you’ll need to go back to Kaeya.

Kaeya will tell you to meet his informant at the edge of Weeping Woods.

Once you reach the waypoint, you’ll see that the informant is being chased by some enemies. Kill them and talk to the informant.

He will give you a picture and a clue. The clue is as follows

In the city on the lake, lived three giants with six arms. Two to guard the Statue of the archon, and one to guard the treasure ” – Arcadian Ruins Clue #1

If you look across the town of Mondstadt, you will see three windmills that have six sails each.

Two of these windmills will be near the Statue in the center of the town, and one windmill will be a little further back.

That is the windmill we have to go to. (Marked with a red square below)

The easiest way to get to this windmill is to climb the building directly opposite to it (where the player marker is in the picture above) and glide to the platform on the windmill.

You might land one platform below the chest. So, just climb the stairs on the left and loot the chest. Inside you will find a map and another clue regarding the Arcadian Ruins.

The clue is as follows

She doesn’t love him at all. The passion rushing through the clear spring is just a front. When she is cold and alone, her true heart is revealed. ”- Arcadian Ruins Clue #2

Now, you need to go back to Kaeya and ask for a hint. He will tell you to head over to Springvale, which will also be marked on the map you got from looting the windmill chest.

For the next bit, you need to have a party member with Cryo abilities so make sure to bring Kaeya with you and head to the next location.

You need to climb to the top of the cliffs until you reach a waterfall that has three ornate pillars.

Freezing these pillars with Kaeya’s abilities will cause a chest to appear, which contains the final map.

An area near Falcon Coast will be revealed and marked on your in-game map as well. Head there to find the Arcadian Ruins. It is a dungeon.

So just make sure you have Kaeya and Lisa in your party for Cryo and Electro abilities (which are very effective in this dungeon).

Defeat the final boss inside to beat the dungeon, which will result in your quest being completed.

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