Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventures Guide

The latest update of Genshin Impact adds a new event to the game with the name of Midsummer Island Adventure. In this Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventures, we’ll be discussing all key details that you need to know regarding the new update in the game.

Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventures

The new update in Genshin Impact offers the player new activities and opportunities to earn exciting new rewards, some of which include a costume for Barbara and Dodoco Tales Catalyst. As soon as the update is released, you can take part in the event which includes four different activities.

Rewards from these respective activities are collected in the form of Shiny Flotsam and Mini Harpasta. Within the duration of the event, you can get Dodoco Tales (Catalyst), Northlander Billet Trove, Crown of Insight and Furnishing Blueprints.

Midsummer Island Event Details

The event starts right after the update goes live.

Act I (Main Cannon, Make Ready… Fire!) – Begins after update 1.6
Complete the “Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown” quest to unlock the first act.

Act II (Whirlpool off to Starboard… Full Speed Ahead!)- Begins from June 11at 4:00 (Server Time)
Complete the “Summer Vacation: Proceed with Caution” quest to gain access to the second Act in the Midsummer Island update.

Act III (Samurai Sighted… To Arms!) – Begins from June 14 at 4:00 (Server Time)
Complete the “Dodo-King of the Sea: Lying in Wait” to gain access to the third Act.

Act IV (Harpastum Bombs Loaded… Blow ‘Em Away!) – Begins from June 17 at 4:00 (Server Time)
Complete “The Final Riddle: A Secret Uncovered” to gain access to the fourth Act.

The Midsummer Island event will come to a conclusion on the 28th of June.

How to Get Started

Midsummer Island Event Location
The Midsummer Island Event will be located in Dodo Land. You can get to these lands with the help of Stormterror Dvalin, or sailing on the Waverider. Also, you can sail with your friends to reach Dodo Land.

Criteria for the Event
The player must be at Adventure Rank 21 and should accomplish Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon, Freedom” and Trifolium Chapter: Act I “True Treasure”. While the event is going on, the higher Adventure Rank to unlock Klee’s Story Quest will no longer be a requirement. You won’t even have to worry about the Story Key quest.

Act I -Main Cannon Make Ready… Fire
To unlock Act I, you need to complete the ‘Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown’ quest. To claim the rewards, you will to find where the monsters are living in the sea.

You can use Waverider’s cannon to destroy the structure, and sometimes get down the boat to face the enemy. Some enemies might possess the Whirlpools that can suck your Waveriders, thus preventing you from completing the challenge.

As soon as you perform this task, you can get rewards like  Crown of Insight, Northlander Billet Trove, Furnishing Blueprint “Pure Gorgeous Summer,” and Talent Level-Up Materials from the event shop. Rewards such as Primogems, the gadget Waverider Repair Toolbox, Mora, and Hero’s Wit are obtainable by completing other quests.

Act II- Whirlpool off to Starboard… Full Speed Ahead
This activity requires you to complete ‘Summer Vacation: Proceed With Caution. Players can obtain Gadget Wind-Blessed Harpastum by completing this quest. You can complete the quest by collecting Wavesplitter Insignias through flying.

The challenge requires you to participate in a boat race. You need to make sure that the challenge gets done in time. You can get rewards like Primogems, Talent Level-Up Materials, Mora, and Hero’s Wit.

Act III- Samurai Sighted… To the Arms
For unlocking Act III, complete ‘ Dodo King of the Sea: Lying In Wait’ quest. The challenge Maguu Kenki is the main constituent of Act III. Players can complete this challenge after the event ends. You gain rewards like Primogems, Mora, and Hero’s Wit by completing this act in the event.

Act IV- Harpastum Bombs Loaded… Blow ‘Em Away
The final obstacle during the event is ‘The Final Riddle: An Uncovered Secrets’. You will need to use Harpastum Bombs to destroy the enemies.

You will get a Mini Harpasta on completing the challenge in Midsummer Island event. Rewards like Dodoco Tales (Catalyst), Furnishing Blueprint “Feather-Light Praise,” Furnishing Blueprint “The Blue Ocean’s Treasure,” Furnishing Blueprint “Witch’s Chorus,” and Weapon Ascension Materials from the event shop. Also, if you complete some other quests as well, rewards like Primogems, Mora, and Hero’s Wit are available.

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