Genshin Impact Meteorite Locations – Where to Find Them?

The new Unreconciled Stars Event is now live in Genshin Impact, tasking you with finding Meteorite stones in various locations in its world. The event is an easy way for players to get some quick Primogems, even though the locations aren’t as easy to find as one might think. Actually, some of them are really tricky.

For starters, you should know that the Meteorites can be found in 3 different locations in Genshin Impact. The first spreads from Starfell Lake to Windrise, the second from Qingce Village to the end of Wuwang Hill, and the third one is around the Guyun Stone Forest. Apart from those, you can get more meteorites from the extramissions during the event. You can later exchange the Meteorite stones for items in the event shop.

To find all the Meteorite locations in Genshin Impact, you can check out the classic interactive map. Everyone loves to use the map to find their way around. Sadly, the English map isn’t updated with the locations yet, so you can check every place on the Chinese map here.

In total, you can get a total of 162 meteorites, at least for today. A new part for the event will be available soon so there will be more ways and locations to obtain them soon. Remember that there might be more locations coming in the next days.

So, what can you do exactly with those meteorite shards? Mihoyo has opened a brand new Event store which includes Fragments, experience books, Mora, Guides to upgrade your characters and ores to update your weapons. Interestingly, a new item appears in this shop, the Crown of Sagehood, which can upgrade a character’s talent level to 10.

The Unreconciled event in Genshin Impact will run until November 30th and is available for all players regardless of their level and Hymn level. Its rewards include a considerable amount of Primogems so you might be lucky enough to pull Childe, the new character introduced in update 1.1 in your next summoning session.

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