Genshin Impact Light Upon the Sea Walkthrough

Genshin Impact’s final Lantern Rite storyline quest leads you to Xiao and a discussion regarding what has happened throughout the festival. In this Genshin Impact Light Upon the Sea quest guide, we’ll be giving you a detailed walkthrough on how to complete the entire quest.

Genshin Impact Light Upon the Sea

Light Upon the Sea is the final main mission of the Lantern Rite questline. This mission will task you with a number of objectives and rewards to be claimed after completing them.

Finishing the quest will also reward you with a free 4th character unlock for your party.

Verr Goldet
Start the quest by talking to Xiao at the Wangshu Inn on the top floor. As you talk to Xiao, he’ll discuss the events that have happened in the previous mission.

Once you’re done, you’ll get a new quest and the next objective; which is talking to Verr Goldet, who is the manager of the inn. Go downstairs and talk to her at the front desk.

You will be asked to bring the Lantern Rite to Xiao.

Spot for a Stall
To find a spot for the stall, you will have to scope a few spots outs before you decide which one it is exactly that you want. The first spot is right below Wangshu Inn, next to the stairs. Simply go to the objective marker and interact with it.

Move to the next spot, which is by the eating area and interact the same way as you did with the previous spot.

Go down to the walkway and interact with the final spot and a cutscene will initiate with the Huai’an.

Talk to Xiao
Go back up to the inn and talk to Xiao to invite him to the Lantern Rite. Xiao will accept your invitation and go to the stall below.

Approach the objective near the table, which will then initiate a cutscene that sees you and Xiao have a little feast. You will then go to the Liyue Harbor with Xiao, which will start the next objective for this quest.

Liyue Harbor
Go to the fast travel point to the North of Liyue Harbor and talk to Xiao. Once done talking, go down the stairs and a cutscene will start with the Lantern Rite celebration.

Watching the final cutscene will then complete the ‘Light Upon the Sea’ mission and give you access to the Lantern Rite Tales III collection.

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