Genshin Impact Lantern Rite, Big Business? Walkthrough

This Genshin Impact Lantern Rite, Big Business guide walks you through the quest and the process of making Jewelry Soup in Genshin Impact.

Big Business is a Lantern Rite tale in Genshin Impact. This quest requires you to visit Mr. Zhu at the waypoint, who then appoints you additional tasks to complete, which includes the making of the Jewelry Soup.

Genshin Impact Lantern Rite Big Business

Complete all the Lantern Rite Tales to unlock Lantern Rite, Big Business? for the quest, you must visit the waypoint and meet the owner of Inn, Mr. Zhu. He wants your help to find Xiao Lantern materials for Dummy (worker).

Make sure to visit Mr. Zhu between 12:00-6:00. The clock can be altered from the main menu using the clock icon.

Dummy then needs both Lantern Fiber along with two Wick Material where Lantern Fiber is collected via harvestable plants while Wick Material are droppings by Hilichurl-type enemies and Fatui Elites.

How to Make Jewelry Soup

Furthermore, Mr. Zhu asks you to make the Jewelry Soup. Making the Jewelry Soup requires few materials such as 2 Snapdragon, 2 Tofu and 1 Lotus Head.

Snapdragon can be acquired from Liyue and Mondstadt near the river section and the best farming place is found to be in Liyue, east of Mt. Azoang near the coast.

Staying in Liyue, you’ll find the Tofu from the second life store. Alternatively, you can acquire it from Ms. Bai at Qingce Village.

Lastly, the Lotus Head. The Lotus Head is found at the Luhua Pool. You can harvest them there and just like that, once you’ve attained the Jewelry Soup, it increases 88/107/126 of your defense for 300 seconds.

Keep in mind that there’s also an alternate method to acquiring the Soup. If you don’t want to make it manually, simply buy it from Harris at the camp close to the  Dragonspine area.

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