Genshin Impact Lantern of the Wayfarer Walkthrough

One of the world quests during Genshin Impact’s Lantern Rite Tales event is the Lantern of the Wayfarer, which we will discuss in this walkthrough.

After reading this walkthrough, you will learn how to unlock the quest and what objectives you have to do to complete this world quest.

Genshin Impact Lantern of the Wayfarer

The Lantern of the Wayfarer quests tasks you to escort a hot air balloon from one place to another. The path to the escort point is filled with many obstacles that you will have to go through.

How to Unlock the Quest?

To unlock the quest, you need to complete The Origin of the Lantern main quest and the City of Chores Lantern Rite Tales quest. Speak with Huangshan at the Wangshu Inn to get the quest. Head towards the marker on the west of Mt. Tianheng.

You will find Huangshan inside the goods storage location. She will give you the balloon and tell you the path to where you have to go. On this path, you will face many enemies and blocked paths.

The first obstacle that you will face is a wall set up by Treasure Hoarders that will be trying to destroy the balloon. Run ahead and take down the wall so that you can go through the path without having to face the enemies.

After clearing the path, you will find that there is a small tornado ahead and Hilichurls and Samachurl enemies on the big rock. They are the reason for the wind causing the balloon to stop moving.

Jump on the rock and take them out. This will stop the wind and you can progress further. Up ahead will be your final obstacle. Your path will be blocked by Hilichurl and three other enemies. One of them will be equipped with a shield and the others will be shooting the balloon from a distance.

Keep the big guy’s attention towards you so that it does not damage the balloon badly. Take him out and deal with the other enemies. Break the barricade to progress further.

Francis will be standing on the bridge to take the goods and your task will be completed. Now, head to Liyue Harbor and meet with Huangshang to get your rewards.

You will get 30x Primogems, 20,000x Mora, and 100x Festive Fever upon completing the quest.