Genshin Impact Keqing Character Guide

In this guide, we’ll be walking you through all the information you need to know about the character named Keqing in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Keqing Character

Keqing is the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing in Genshin Impact. She’s an Electro character that has some great abilities and passives.

Below, we’ve listed down all of the information you need to know about Keqing. This includes her moveset, abilities, passives, talents, constellations and build suggestions.

Keqing Attacks and Abilities

Melee: Yunlai Swordsmanship

  • Normal Attack: Attacks the target 5 times in quick succession.
  • Charged Attack: Performs two rapid sword strikes at the cost of some Stamina.
  • Plunging Attack: Leaps up into the air and attacks the targets on the ground. This attack deals damage as she’s jumping up and also deals AoE damage when she lands.

Elemental Skill: Stellar Restoration

  • She shoots out a Lightning Stiletto towards the target, which deals AoE Electro damage upon impact and puts a Stiletto Mark on the area where it struck.
  • While performing this attack, you can hold to determine the direction where you want the Stiletto to go.
  • If you use this attack twice or use a Charged Attack before its duration runs out, the Stiletto Mark will go away and new effects will be produced.
  • If you perform this attack by holding, the Stiletto can be stopped in the air, which will enable you to leap to them when using this attack the second time.
  • When Keqing blinks to a Mark that was placed from a holding attack, she’ll be able to jump across the terrain blocking her way.
  • When using Stellar Restoration for a second time, Keqing will blink to the area where the Mark was and perform a slashing strike, which will deal AoE Electro damage.
  • By using a Charged Attack, Keqing will spawn several thundering cuts at the area where the Mark was, which will deal Electro damage.

Elemental Burst: Starward Sword

  • Keqing summons lightning bolts at the target, which will deal AoE Electro damage.
  • She follows this up by blending into her blade’s shadow and striking the nearby targets several times, dealing great AoE Electro damage.

Keqing Passive Talents

Thundering Penance
Keqing’s weapon is given an Electro Infusion for 5 seconds If she casts Stellar Restoration again while a Lightning Stiletto is still active.

Aristocratic Dignity
Keqing’s Energy Recharge and Critical Hit Rate are increased by 15% for 8 seconds when she casts Starward Sword.

Land’s Overseer
If Keqing is sent out on an expedition in Liyue, time consumed is decreased by 25%.


Thundering Might
Keqing deals AoE Electro damage equivalent to 50% of her ATK at the start and end point of her Blink if she recasts Stellar Restoration while a Lightning Stiletto is still active.

Keen Extraction
Keqing’s Normal and Charged Attacks have a 50% chance to produce an Elemental Particle if the target they strike is affected by Electro. This can only happen once per 5 seconds.

Forseen Reformation
Starward Sword level goes up by 3. The max upgrade level is 15.

If Keqing causes an Elemental Reaction that’s Electro-related, her ATK is boosted by 25% for 10 seconds.

Beckoning Stars
Stellar Restoration level goes up by 3. The max upgrade level is 15.

Tenacious Star
Keqing Electro damage is increased by 6% for 8 seconds when she initiates a Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst. Each of these attacks can give Keqing the Electro damage bonus separately.

Build Suggestion

Since Keqing is an Electro damage-based character, this build is focused on taking her Electro damage to its highest potential.


Skyward Blade

  • Artifact Set: Gladiator’s Finale (x2), Thundering Fury (x2)
  • Set Bonus: +18% Attack and +15 Electro Damage Bonus
  • Talent Priority: Stellar Restoration

Replacement Weapons

Lion’s Roar

  • Bonus Stat: Attack
  • Effects: Damage against targets affected by Electro or Pyro is boosted by 20%.

The Black Sword

  • Bonus Stat: Critical Hit Rate
  • Effects: Damage dealt by Normal and Charged Attacks is boosted by 20% and if these attacks land a Critical Hit, Keqing gains 60% of her ATK as HP. The latter effect can only happen once per 5 seconds.

Keqing – Best Suited Artifacts

The following Artifacts are best suited for Keqing.

Bloodstained Chivalry

  • Increases Physical Damage by 25%.
  • Charged Attack Damage is increased by 50% and Stamina cost is decreased to 0 for 10 seconds after Keqing successfully defeats an opponent.

Gladiator’s Finale

  • Increases Attack by 18%.
  • While this Artifact is being used, if Keqing uses a Sword, Polearm or Claymore, her Normal Attack damage is boosted by 35%.

Thundering Fury

  • Increases Electro Damage by 15%.
  • Damage given to targets through Overloaded, Superconduct and Electro-Charged is boosted by 40%.
  • Causing one of the aforementioned effects on an opponent decreases Keqing’s Elemental Skill CD by 1 second. This can only happen once per 0.8 seconds.

Keqing’s Ascension/Talent Ascension Materials

The two tables below contain the required materials for the Ascensions and Talent Ascensions for Keqing.

Ascension Materials

Phase 1 Level 20-40 X1 Vajrada Amethyst Silver, 3x Cor Lapis, 3x Whopperflower Nectar, 20000 Mora
Phase 2 Level 40-50 3x Vajrada Amethyst Fragment, 2x Lightning Prism, x10 Cor Lapis, x15 Whopperflower Nectar, 40000 Mora
Phase 3 Level 50-60 6x Vajrada Amethyst Fragment, 4x Lightning Prism, 20x Cor Lapis, 12x Shimmering Nectar, 60000 Nectar
Phase 4 Level 60-70 3x Vajrada Amethyst Chunk, 8x Lightning Prism, 30x Cor Lapis, x18 Shimmering Nectar, 80000 Mora
Phase 5 Level 70-80 6x Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone, 20x Lightning Prism, 60x Cor Lapis, x24 Energy Nectar, 100000 Mora
Phase 6 Level 80-90 6x Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone, 20x Lightning Prism, x60 Cor Lapis, x24 Energy Nectar

Talent Ascension Materials

Level 2 3x Teachings of Prosperity, 6x Whopperflower Nectar, 12500 Mora
Level 3 2x Guide to Prosperity, 3x Shimmering Nectar, 17500 Mora
Level 4 4x Guide to Prosperity, 4x Shimmering Nectar, 25000 Mora
Level 5 6x Guide to Prosperity, 6x Shimmering Nectar, 30000 Mora
Level 6 9x Guide to Prosperity, 9x Shimmering Nectar, 35000 Mora
Level 7 4x Philosophies of Prosperity, 4x Energy Nectar, 1x Ring of Boreas, 120000 Mora
Level 8 6x Philosophies of Prosperity, 6x Energy Nectar, 1x Ring of Boreas, 260000 Mora
Level 9 12x Philosophies of Prosperity, 9x Energy Nectar, 2x Ring of Boreas, 450000 Mora
Level 10 16x Philosophies of Prosperity, 12x Energy Nectar, 2x Ring of Boreas, 1x Crown of Insight, 700000 Mora