Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Event Guide

In this Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Event guide, we’ll take a dig into everything that you should be aware of to come out on top of the Hypostatic Symphony Event in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Event

The brand-new Hypostatic Symphony Event demands you to take down a series of Hypostasis bosses in exchange for some handsome rewards.

The event expires on the 31st of January and has seven challenges for you to complete.

Each one of these challenges features a Hypostasis boss whom you’ll have to knock out to come out as the victor.

However, completing these challenges is not easy as it seems.

Fret not though as our guide below will make it all pretty simple for you.

So, let’s get started!

How to Participate in the Hypostatic Symphony Event?
Open up the event page and you’ll see the Hypostatic Symphony Event with a tab. Tap on this tab to navigate to the location of this event on the map (which is the northern region of Liyue).

You can teleport to this location just by clicking on the map icon.

However, you must be at least Adventure Rank 20 to be able to participate in this event and it’s recommended that you have a team of characters of this level or above.

How does the event work?
Once the screen of all the challenges of the Hypostatic Symphony Event pops up right in front of you, pick a challenge to see the specific Pure Hypostasis assigned to it.

Next, you’ll see two important things regarding the challenge.

The first one is your total score for that event represented by diamonds on the top of the screen while the second one is the characters who deal additional damage, during that challenge, at the bottom of the screen.

The exact additional damage will be mentioned above the characters’ list.

Importance of Difficulty and Variations
When you’re about to enter a challenge, you’ll be asked to select a ‘Difficulty Level’ challenge. Each of the difficulty levels comes with a score multiplier:

Difficulty Level Minimum Level Required Multiplier
Easy 20 1x
Normal 40 1.5x
Hard 60 2.5x
Expert 80 4.5x

After choosing a difficulty level, you’ll come across a list of variations to choose from.

Depending upon the Pure Hypostasis of that specific challenge, each variation has a certain amount of points to offer.

However, the catch is that these variations will somehow make the challenge more difficult.

Anyway, to move ahead, you’ll have to select at least one variation but the more you select, the greater will be points that you’ll earn.

The minimum points that you’ll be needing for acquiring every single one of the rewards from the Hypostatic Symphony event are 2850.

This hefty score is only possible if you overcome all challenges at Expert difficulty with multiple variations.

If your roster consists of characters, most of whom are below Level 80, then teaming up with friends and strangers is the only way to get your hands on all these tempting rewards.

Joining Up with Friends
Since there is no built-in matchmaking in Genshin Impact, the only way to group up with your friends is to join their world or invite them to yours.

Once you have a team of Adventure Rank 80 or above, well-equipped with the Expert level skillset, at your disposal, convey the instructions to them and ready them up for the fight via the Hypostatic Symphony entrance.

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