Genshin Impact Guests in Qingce Walkthrough

Genshin Impact introduces you to the Lantern Rites Tales III mission called the ‘Guests in Qingce.’ In this Genshin Impact Guests in Qingce guide, we’ll be giving you a step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete the mission.

Genshin Impact Guests in Qingce

The mission can be started at Wangshu Inn after you’ve unlocked it once you complete the ‘Light Upon the Sea’ mission in Genshin Impact. Talk to Wang’ya at Wangshu Inn on the ground floor right next to the stairs.

Mr. Bohuan
Wang’ya will inform you that she is trying to find a guest that should have been visiting. The guest’s name is Mr. Bohuan and it seems that he is lost.

To find Mr. Bohuan, go North of the inn to find Qingce Village, where you will find Mr. Bouhan in a large building right next to the fast travel point.

Deliver Lantern to Uncle Ghast, Hanfeng and Master Lu
Talking to Bohuan, you will be required to run around the village and complete a few errands. The first delivery should be to Uncle Ghast.

Take the Xiao Lantern to Uncle Ghast, who is located barely 100 meters away from Mr. Bohuan. Simply talk to him to complete the delivery.

The second delivery is to Master Lu, who is found near a cliff at the edge of the village.

Get close to him, talk to him and deliver the Xiao Lantern. At this point, Lu won’t know where to find Qingzhou, so you’ll have to do another delivery.

The last person you need to head for is Hanfeng, who can be found in the flower farm to the North of Qingce Village. At the marked location, talk to Hangfeng to complete the delivery and find out Qingzhou’s location.

Qingzhou and his Riddles
Go to the shrine to find Qingzhou along with a few kids. Talking to Qingzhou, he’ll tell you that he needs three materials for the Xiao Lantern.

  • 3x Plaustrite Shard
  • 3x Wick Material
  • 3x Lantern Fiber

Give the materials to Qingzhou. He will then put in front of you three riddles that you will need to solve. You can choose to skip reading the heading below to avoid any spoilers.

Riddle Answers (Spoiler Alert)

  • Xiao Lantern
  • Firecrackers
  • Kites

After solving the riddle, talk to Qingzhou to get 10000 Mora as a reward. Now go back to Wang’ya and talk to her. Follow her and talk to her every time she stops. You will complete the quest by the second time you talk to her and get your rewards.

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