Best Genshin Impact Graphics Settings for FPS Boost

Genshin Impact is widely popular with both the PC and Smartphone community alike. In this guide, we have given the best Genshin Impact Graphics Settings for an FPS Boost on both PC and Mobile versions so you can experience the best possible performance in-game.

Best Genshin Impact Graphics Settings for FPS Boost

Genshin Impact should naturally run smoothly depending upon the system you’re using; However, there are some in-game settings you can tweak that can give you outstanding performance gains without sacrificing visuals.

Best Genshin Impact Graphics Settings for PC

If you’re a PC gamer, then you’re in luck since you’ll be able to explore the Genshin World on your large screen. To tweak your settings on PC, you need to head over to the In-game settings then select the Graphics option.

Once selected, a drop-down menu appears with different Graphic options. All you have to do is to Set the Graphics Quality according to your PC specifications.

The recommended one is Custom (Which you can tweak to your liking), but if you have a high-end rig, you can set the Graphics quality on High without worrying too much.

Going down you’ll find the Display mode. It depends upon your choice; you can choose Windowed or Full Screen.

It’s recommended to use 1920×1080 (or whatever your Full-Screen display resolution is) for the best visual fidelity, but if you need the frames, set it to 1280×720.

Below the Graphics sections, you’ll find the Custom options such as FPS, V-Sync etc. Simply set FPS on 60 and V-Sync turned off.

Then comes your Render resolution; the most important specification of the game as it allows you to play your game in good pixels. Again, it all depends upon your system. Some players may get a better play on Render resolution at 0.8 while others on 1.1.

Once that’s taken care of, you’re left with a few more options. Shadow Quality can really take a toll on your frames.

Therefore, it’s best to set them along with Visual Effects, SFX Quality and Overall Settings on low while setting Anti-Aliasing on SMAA for more FPS.

Additionally, you can open your GeForce Experience (NVIDIA) and update your graphics card drivers and in-game settings automatically. This goes for AMD users as well.

Best Graphics Settings for Mobile

Tweaking the graphics settings on the mobile version of Genshin Impact is quite easy.

Simply tap on the menu on the upper left corner of your mobile, tap on settings, head over to the Graphics setting and you’ll get the same Graphics menu as the PC version.

If you have a relatively modern smartphone, it’s recommended to set everything on High/Highest with FPS on 60.

If, however, you are experiencing lag and frame drops, tone down the settings to low.

Step by step, lower one setting at a time to see what gives you the perfect performance to visuals ratio. Start by turning off motion blur, then lowering Shadows, visual effects and then SFX.

Once done, exit the menu and experience the best Genshin Impact settings on your Mobile

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