Genshin Impact Gorou Character Guide

In this guide, we’ll be discussing one of the upcoming playable characters in Genshin Impact Version 2.3 called Gorou. Not only that, but we’ll also walk you through his abilities, passives, constellations along with a table dedicated to the ascension materials in this Genshin Impact Gorou Character Guide.

Genshin Impact Gorou

Gorou is one of the many upcoming Genshin Impact characters. He’s currently one of the 8 Geo characters in Genshin Impact and is a General of the Resistance army. He’s seen wielding a bow specifically made for Geo characters.

He plays an important in-game supporting role for the likes of 5-star characters such as Itto, Ningguang, and Noelle, due to his buffs being all about DEF% and Geo DMG%.

Attacks and Abilities

  • Normal Attack: Using his wielded bow, he performs 5 back-to-back attacks.
  • Charged Attack: With an increased DMG, can perform aimed shots with more precision. In addition to that, stone crystals appear to pile up on the arrowhead and once the crystalline arrow is charged to the max, it’s capable of dealing Geo DMG.
  • Plunging Attack: While in the air, shoots multiple arrows before striking down and dealing Area of Effect DMG upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Inuzaka All-Round Defense

Deals AoE Geo DMG and follows it up by generating a General’s War Banner that provides buffs to party members who possess Geo Element.

Provides the Standing Firm bonus to a single Geo party member that increases Defense.

Impregnable effect to 2 Geo party members giving them interruption resistance and Shatter bonus to 3 Geo party members giving them a Geo DMG Bonus.

Note: Although the buffs can go as long as the banners, however, only one banner can be active on the field during a single run.

Elemental Burst: Juuga: Forward Unto Victory

Deals AoE Geo DMG and follows it up by generating General’s Glory that provides buffs to the party members.

Every 1.5 seconds, the field deals AoE Geo DMG to one particular opponent within its zone.

The field and General’s War Banner both possess the same effects and buffs to party members who possess Geo Element and will deal AoE Geo DMG every 1.5 seconds to a single enemy within its AoE.

Also, it pulls shards generated by Crystallize every 1.5 seconds to an active character. But keep in mind that once you summon General’s Glory on the field, Gorou diminishes his War Banner.

Gorou Passive Talents

  • Heedless of the Wind and Weather: Whilst using Juuga Forward Unto Victory, the DEF of each ally increases by 25% till the General’s Glory wears out.
  • A Favor Repaid: Grants DMG bonuses to attacks based on Gorou’s DEF. 156% increase in Inuzaka All-Round Defense’s Skill DMG of his DEF. 15.6% increase in Juuga: Forward Unto Victory’s Skill DMG and Crystal Collapse DMG of his DEF.
  • Seeker of Shinies: Shows Inazuma, unique resources location found on the mini-map.


  • Rushing Hound – Swift as the Wind: The CD of Gorou’s Inazuka All-Round Defense drops down 2 seconds if a character (apart from Gorou) inside the AoE of a General’s War-Banner of General’s Glory generated by Gorou, deals Geo DMG to an enemy. Keep in mind that this effect takes place after a 10-second interval.
  • Sitting Hound – Steady as a Clock: The duration of Gorou’s General’s Glory increases by 1 second if an active character inside the AoE of General’s Glory acquires an Elemental Shard from a Crystallize Reaction. The duration can stretch up to 3 seconds at most.
  • Mauling Hound – Fierce as Fire: The level of Inuzaka All-Round Defense is increased by 3 (level 15 is the maximum upgrade level).
  • Lapping Hound – Warm as Water: Every 1.5 seconds, an active character inside the AoE is healed for 50% of Gorou’s DEF, if General’s Glory is in either Shatter or Impregnable state.
  • Striking Hound – Thunderous Force: Level of Juuga: Forward Unto Victory is increased by 3 (level 15 is the maximum upgrade level).
  • Valiant Hound – Mountainous Fealty: Crit DMG of Geo DMG dealt by each ally increases by 10%, 20%, and 40%, if the General’s War-Banner or General’s Glory are granting buffs of the Standing Firm, Impregnable and Shatter

 Ascension / Talent Ascension Materials

                 Material                 Cost             Level
x3 Teachings of Light x6 Spectral Husk 12,500 Mora              Lvl 2
x2 Guide to Light x3 Spectral Heart 175,00 Mora              Lvl 3
x4 Guide to Light x4 Spectral Heart 25,000 Mora              Lvl 4
x6 Guide to Light x6 Spectral Heart 30,000 Mora              Lvl 5
x9 Guide to Light x9 Spectral Heart 37,500 Mora              Lvl 6
x4 Philosophies of Light x4 Spectral Nucleus x1 Molten Moment 120,000 Mora              Lvl 7
x6 Philosophies of Light x6 Spectral Nucleus x1 Molten Moment 260,000 Mora              Lvl 8
x12 Philosophies of Light x9 Spectral Nucleus x2 Molten Moment 450,000 Mora              Lvl 9
x16 Philosophies of Light x12 Spectral Nucleus x2 Molten Moment x1 Crown of Insight 700,000 Mora             Lvl 10

Talent Level-Up Materials

Material Cost                Level
x1 Prithiva Topaz Sliver x3 Sango Pearl x3 Spectral Husk 20,000 Mora                  Lvl 20
x2 Perpetual Heart x3 Prithiva Topaz Fragment x10 Sango Pearl x15 Spectral Husk 40,000 Mora                   Lvl 40  
x4 Perpetual Heart x6 Prithiva Topaz Fragment x20 Sango Pearl x12 Spectral Heart 60,000 Mora                   Lvl 50  
x8 Perpetual Heart x3 Prithiva Topaz Chunk x30 Sango Pearl x18 Spectral Heart 80,000 Mora                   Lvl 60  
x12 Perpetual Heart x6 Prithiva Topaz Chunk x45 Sango Pearl x12 Spectral Nucleus 100,000 Mora                   Lvl 70  
x20 Perpetual Heart x6 Prithiva Topaz Gemstone x60 Sango Pearl x24 Spectral Nucleus 120,000 Mora                   Lvl 80  

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