Genshin Impact Five Flushes of Fortune Event Guide

In this Genshin Impact Five Flushes of Fortune Event guide, we will be discussing what the event is about and how to take part in this event.

With the release of the Genshin Impact’s 1.3 update, a new event has been announced for the player base to take part in. This newly added event is called the Five Flushes of Fortune.

Genshin Impact Five Flushes of Fortune Event

The event started on February 3 and will last till February 13 for a total of 10 days.

You have to be at least rank 20 to take part in this event. You will have the first seven days to take pictures of the collectible items, and each day will have a different color theme.

In the last three days, you can share the pictures that you took with your friends to fill out the missing ones. You can do this by accessing the Photo Swap menu from the events tab.

How to Take Pictures?

To take the pictures, you need to get the Kurious Kamera from Ji Tong who you can find by navigating to the camera icon on the map.

The camera works by pointing it at the object you want to take a picture of and it will automatically take a snapshot of that object.

Look for a collectible item that matches the color of the day and click the left mouse button to pull out your camera to take a picture of that object.

If you have been playing Genshin Impact you are probably familiar with all the colors and creature locations. However, we will still help out and give you an idea of the things to snap based on their colors.

Red Items Pictures: Jueyun chillis

Blue Creatures: Cryo enemies

Red Creatures: Hillichurl or fire elementals

Blue Item pictures: Small Lamp grass

Yello Item pictures: Sunsettia or Sweet Flowers

Take the pictures back to Ji Tong to get the Five Flushes of Fortune reward trove. The rewards that you can expect to get from him are 60 Primogems and one of these items:

  • 24 Mystic Enchantment Ore
  • 120,000 Mora
  • 12 Hero’s Wit

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