Genshin Impact Fishing Guide

Genshin Impact patch 2.1 is here! This update introduces Fishing to the game. This newly introduced facet of the game involves many things that make it interesting, but you have to unlock it first. In this Genshin Impact guide, we’ll be discussing how to unlock fishing, how to fish and some good spots to catch fish in.

Genshin Impact Fishing

There are many different fishing spots, types of fish, bait and fishing rods now in Genshin Impact. You can also get many things like blueprints and different material in return of fish. You can also cook it and consume it as food!

But before we get to all that, you need to unlock fishing first!

How to Unlock Fishing in Genshin Impact

Unlocking fishing is easy. First, you need to get at adventure rank 30 or more. Travel to Inazuma and get the Serenitea Pot player housing system unlocked. Now speak with Katherine at Adventure’s Guild at Mondstadt to pick up the Exploding Population quest.

It’s a simple quest that will ease you into fishing and unlock it.

How to do Fishing in Genshin Impact

Catching Fish is not that much difficult in Genshin Impact. You need a little practice and you’ll be ready to go.

Press ‘F’ to start. Select your rod and bait. To begin fishing, hold down the left mouse button and then release it to cast your line. Wait for the splash animation before pressing the left mouse button to hook a fish that has been drawn to the bait.

If you are successful, a tension gauge will appear, and you will need to click and release the mouse button alternately to keep the indicator within the specified area. You’ll get the fish if you keep doing this until the circular bar is completely filled.

Fishing Rods and Bait

For now, there are four different fishing rods and bait in the game. Different bait attracts different kinds of fish. The Four available bait in the game are Fake Fly Bait, Redrot Bait, False Worm Bait and Fruit Paste Bait.

Genshin Impact Fishing Locations

Any water body can have fish. Keep an eye out for them when you’re around water places. Some fish are universal that are found in every area, but some are unique to the area.

Main locations are Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma. Let’s further break down these locations for more accurate spots.

In Mondstadt, look out in Stormbearer Mountains, right side of the Teleport Waypoint. Another good spot is in the river south of the Seven Statue in Widrise. There is another spot in the area Dragonspine right near a Teleportation Waypoint.

Let’s explore LIYUE area and its surroundings. One easily accessible location is the broken bridge at Mingyun Village’s entrance. Then there’s Tianqiu Valley, which is located directly west of the Teleport Waypoint.

Third location you need look out for Inazuma. There are two major spots in Inzuma. The first is near the teleport point at the Ritou port. The second location is close to the Violet Court Domain.

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