Genshin Impact Fishing for Jade Guide

Genshin Impact has a lot of great quests. Some of these can be found with great ease others are a bit hard to find and access. This guide will help you unlock and get through the Fishing for Jade quest in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Fishing for Jade World Quest

The biggest issue players have regarding Fishing for Jade is that most players don’t know how to unlock the mission.

To get the mission, you need to complete Ganyu’s Story Line quest, Sinae Unicornis. After you have completed Sinae Unicornis, the fishing for jade mission will appear on the quest screen.

To then access the Fishing for Jade mission, you need Story Keys. These keys can only be earned by completing daily commissions in the game.

Once you have access to the quest, travel to Liyue Harbor. Here, look for Kun and he should be marked on your map if the quest is active, so you should have no trouble finding him. Kun will be on the main dock in a patrol.

Kun will tell you that some of the boxes from a shipment have been lost.


Naturally, one of these boxes contains an important item that was to be delivered to the Jade Palace. He requests you to help him find these boxes.

These boxes are submerged in the water near the main harbor. As long as you are tracking the quest, you will be led towards the water. Once near the location, simply dive in.

You need to swim around underwater and interact with the five boxes to get them.

Then get back on the mainland and again, the next marker will lead you to water again. Again, jump in and grab all the boxes. One of these will include the parcels you need.

Bring the parcel back to Kun and he will make another request for you to deliver it to Baiwen at the Jade Palace.

Simply follow the path to the marker and deliver the parcel. This will mark the ending of the mission.

For this mission, players are rewarded with 300 EXP, 50,000 Mora, 5x Adventure’s Experience and 4x Hero’s Wit.

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