Genshin Impact Characters Tiers Guide

Genshin Impact boasts a wide variety of characters for the player to utilize throughout their adventure in the world. In this Genshin Impact Characters Tier guide, we’ll be classifying all of the playable characters with respect to their abilities. The characters Tier placement is subject to change as Genshin Impact updates or adds more characters.

Genshin Impact Characters Tiers

We have divided all the characters in Genshin Impact according to their usefulness in separate tiers below. Obviously, 5-star characters being the best get a higher spot in the list.

With the knowledge of all the playable characters and what makes them special, you should be able to create your own party setups for every combat situation.


The best of the best; Characters in this tier are exceptional and will surely give you the best output in Genshin Impact


Tempered Sword – Diluc is a close-ranged character that utilizes his sword to perform 4 consecutive strikes as well as a Charged and Plunging attack.

Searing Onslaught – Close the distance between you and your enemies with a forward slash that deals additional Pyro DMG.

Dawn – Release a burst of flames that knocks enemies back on impact and deals Pyro DMG. Your flames will form a weapon and bring out a Phoenix which will deal Pyro DMG to all enemies in the fire’s path. Your Normal and Charged Attacks deal Pyro DMG as well for the time.


Bolts of Downfall – Fischl relies on her bow to deal Ranged DMG. You can perform 5 consecutive shots with your bow. With a charged attack you can be more precise and deal increased DMG. You may also use the Plunging Attack to fire a shower of arrows which deal AoE DMG on the ground upon impact.

Nightrider – Summon a night raven named Oz which deals Electro DMG in a small AoE. Oz will attack nearby enemies with Freikugel until the ability’s time runs out.

Midnight Phantasmagoria – Summon Oz yet again to spread his twin swings of twilight and defend Fischl from any harm. Fischl will take on Oz’s form and have increased movement speed. She will strike nearby enemies with Lightning dealing Electro DMG. If Oz was already summoned prior to the ability, his duration will be reset.


Ancient Sword Art – Slash your enemy with 5 rapid strikes. Perform 2 rapid strikes when the attack is Charged. Launch into the ground to deal damage below you in an AoE while mid-air.

Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost – Use the Icevein Talisman to deal Cryo DMG using the Herald of Frost. Regenerate HP for every Charged or Normal hit.

Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune – Release the adeptus power in Qiqi’s body, marking all enemies with a Fortune-Preserving Talisman dealing Cryo DMG. Attacking affected enemies regenerate HP.


Divine Marksmanship – Shoot 6 consecutive arrows with a bow. Be more precise with a Charged Attack. Fire off a shower of arrows in mid-air, which deals AoE DMG upon falling.

Skyward Sonnet – Summon a Wind Domain which deals AoE Anemo DMG and launches enemies into the air. Holding the skill will summon a larger Wind Domain with Venti, which deals AoE Anemo DMG and launches the affected enemies into the air. Venti will also continue to ride the air when the ability is charged.

Wind’s Grand Ode – Fire an arrow made of winds, which creates a Stormeye to suck in enemies and deal Anemo DMG all along the way.


A thin line separates the S tiers from the A tiers. Characters in this tier showcase superb performance in the game and you may even prefer them over the S tiers in certain circumstances.


Whisper of Water – Perform up to 4 water splashes that deal Hydro DMG. Performing a Charged Attack will deal AoE DMG. Use Hydro to plunge to the ground from mid-air and damage enemies in an AoE.

Let the Show Begin – Summon water droplets which deal Hydro DMG to nearby enemies and afflict them with the Wet status.

Shining Miracle – Heal all friendly forces and all parties for a great amount of HP. Healing increases with Barbara’s max HP.


Demonbane – Perform 4 consecutive attacks. Charged attack drains Stamina over time, but performs a combo of swirling attacks all nearby enemies; at the end, perform a powerful slash.

Plunging Attack – Launch downwards from mid-air to deal AoE damage below you upon impact.

Spirit Blade: Chonghua’s Layered Forest – Strike the ground using your greatsword, which unleashes a Cryo Explosion in a circular AoE right in front of him and deals Cryo DMG. The cold air will create a Chonghua Forest Field, which allows you to convert all of your attacks into Cryo Attacks.

Spirit Blade: Cloud-Parting Star – Summon 3 giant spirit blades in mid-air, which fall to the ground and explode upon impact. They deal AoE Cryo DMG and launch enemies.


Favonius Bladework – Use your sword to perform a combo of 5 consecutive attacks. Charge your arrack to launch an enemy forward using wind, who will then fall to the ground slowly. Use your Plunging Attack to launch from mid-air to deal AoE damage below you.

Gale Blade – Release a miniature storm which launches enemies in the aimed direction and deals Anemo DMG. You can command the whirlwind to pull the enemies towards her front. You are immobile, however, during the skill duration.

Dandelion Breeze – Create a swirling Dandelion Field which launches surrounding enemies and deals Anemo DMG. Regenerate HP for the number of allies near you. Amount of health regenerated scales with Jean’s ATK.


Yunlai Swordsmanship – Perform 5 rapid strikes using your sword. Perform a charged attack to do 2 rapid sword attacks. Deal damage below you in an AoE as you plunge down to the ground using the Plunging Attack.

Stellar Restoration – Throw a Lightning Stiletto, which inflicts Electro DMG to enemies in a small AoE and also places a Stiletto Mark on the affected spot.

Starward Sword – Release the power of Lightning within you and deal Electro DMG in an AoE. Strike nearby enemies with thunder blows; the final attack deals massive AoE Electro DMG.


Ripple of Fate – Perform 4 water splash attacks that deal Hydro DMG. Consume Stamina to deal AoE Hydro DMG using the Charged Attack. Deal AoE Hydro DMG using the Plunging Attack in an AoE right below you while mid-air.

Reflection of Doom – Summon an illusory Phantom that taunts enemies and tanks all incoming damage. Deals Hydro DMG to all nearby enemies and explodes upon death, dealing AoE Hydro DMG.

Stellaris Phantasm – Bring forth sparkling waves which apply Illusory Bubble status to all affected enemies in a large AoE. Trapping your enemies makes them Wet and weaker opponents become completely immobile. Enemies will be more vulnerable to DMG due to Omen.


Steel Fang – Perform 4 consecutive attacks. Charged attack includes swirling attacks in an AoE and damages all nearby enemies (Drains Stamina overtime). Perform a Plunging Attack mid-air to deal damage below you in an AoE.

Claw and Thunder – Swing the Thunder Wolf Claw to deal Electro DMG to enemies in front of Razor. Striking gives you Electro Sigil (Increases Energy Recharge rate). You may have up to 3 Electro Sigils at once. Charge up the ability to unleash a lightning storm in a small AoE which causes Electro DMG and clears all of Razor’s Electro Sigils in the process.

Lightning Fang – Summon your Wolf and deal Electro DMG to all nearby enemies. All Razor’s Electro Sigils are converted into elemental energy. Your Wolf will fight alongside you for the entirety of the skill’s duration.

Traveler (Anemo)

Foreign Ironwind – Perform 5 consecutive attacks. Charge your attack to deal 2 rapid sword strikes. Launch yourself to the ground from mid-air to deal AoE DMG upon impact below you.

Palm Vortex – Summon a vortex which deals continuous Anemo DMG to all enemies in front of you.

Gust Surge – Summon a tornado that pulls all enemies towards itself and deals Anemo DMG continuously.


Just because these characters are in B-Tier, doesn’t mean you should underestimate them. While not as great as the above tiers, they are a solid choice for your Genshin impact lineup


Dough-Fu – Perform 5 consecutive spear strikes. Charge your attack to lunge forward with the spear and deal DMG to any enemies in the path. Plunge from mid-air to deal AoE DMG on the ground below you.

Guoba Attack – Summon Guoba the Panda who breathes fire and deals AoE Pyro DMG.

Pyronado – Send a Pyronado which moves with your character and deals Pyro DMG to all enemies in the AoE.


Whirlwind Thrust – Deal damage with 6 consecutive rapid strikes. Charge your attack to dive down and inflict damage to anyone below you. Damage scales with height.

Lemniscatic Wind Cycling – Xiao leaps forward and deals Anemo DMG to all enemies unfortunate enough to be in his path. Useable in mid-air as well and has 2 total charges.

Bane of All Evil – Become a Yaksha and increase your attack range and DMG. All your attacks deal Anemo DMG and you can jump higher. However, maintaining the form will drain Xiao’s HP.


Ceremonial Bladework – Perform 5 consecutive strikes. Charge your attack up to unleash 2 rapid sword strikes. Plunge into the ground from mid-air to deal AoE damage beneath you.

Frostgnaw – Release a frigit blast and deal Cryo DMG to enemies in front of you.

Glacial Waltz – Kaeya summons 3 icicles that revolve around him and deal Cryo DMG to enemies caught in their path.


Kaboom! – Throw around explosives that explode on impact and deal AoE Pyro DMG. Charging the attack deals extra damage. Plunge into the ground with all your explosive might and deal AoE Pyro DMG.

Jumpy Dumpty – Jumpty Dumpty bounces thrice and ignites to deal AoE Pyro DMG.

Sparks ‘n’ Slash – Summon Sparks ‘n’ Slash to attack nearby enemies and inflicting AoE Pyro DMG in the process.


Sparkling Scatter – Shoot Gems which deal Geo DMG. Successful hits grant 1 Star Jade. Charge your attack to fire off a giant gem that deals Geo DMG. Charge your attack to fire off a giant gem at the cost of Stamina. If you have any Star Jades, your Charged Attack will unleash Star Jades at the enemy. Plunge into the ground and deal AoE GEO DMG upon impact with the Plunging Attack.

Jade Screen – Create a Jade Screen that deals AoE damage and blocks enemy projectiles. Endurance scales based on your Max HP.

Starshatter – Ningguangg scatters gems and sends homing projectiles at her enemies which deals massive Geo DMG. Starshatter combined with a Jade Screen will cause additional gem projectiles to be fired at the same time.


Wind Spirit Creation – Perform 4 attacks using Wind Spirits and deal Anemo DMG. Charge your attack to deal AoE Anemo DMG at the cost of Stamina. Surge with the Wind Spirits into the ground for your Plunging Attack and deal AoE Anemo DMG.

Astable Anemohypostasis Creation: 6308 Create a Wind Spirit that deals Anemo DMG to all enemies present in the AoE.

Forbidden Creation: Isomer 75 – Throw a concoction that releases a Large Wind Spirit who continues to pull and launch nearby enemies, dealing AoE Anemo DMG.


Guhua Style – Perform 5 consecutive rapid strikes. Charge your attack to unleash 2 rapid sword strikes at the cost of Stamina. Plunge from mid-air into the ground below you and damage any enemies present in the AoE below you.

Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen – Perform twin strikes with your sword and deal Hydro DMG. Rain Swords will orbit you for the duration of this ability.

Guhua Sword: Raincutter – Fight using illusory sword rain with Rainbow Bladework. You will create the maximum number of Rain Swords around you. Normal Attacks will trigger consecutive sword rain attacks, and they will not deplete in numbers throughout the duration of the ability.


These characters are outperformed or outshined by other characters and so fall into the C tier.


Oceanborne – Perform 5 successive strikes. Perform continuous slashes after charging up your ability; at the end, do a powerful slash. Plunge from mid-air into the ground, dealing AoE DMG to any enemies in your AoE.

Tidecaller – Slash in front of you, dealing Electro DMG with your sword. Charge the attack to absorb any incoming damage and release all your absorbed damage unto the enemies dealing Electro DMG. The shield can absorb 250% Electro DMG absorption efficiency and can apply the Electro element to Beidou when activated.

Stormbreaker – Create a Thunderbeast’s Targe around you and create a lightning discharge using your Normal and Charged Attacks; dealing Electro DMG. Decrease any DMG taken, and increase RES to interruption.


Strike of Fortune – Perform 5 rapid strikes with your sword. Charge your attack to unleash 2 rapid sword swings at the cost of Stamina. Plunge into the ground from mid-air, dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Passion Overload – Throw a swift flame strike that deals Pyro DMG.

Fantastic Voyage – Leap towards the enemy and perform a plunging attack that inflicts Pyro DMG and creates an Inspiration field.


Lightning Touch – Perform 4 Lightning Attacks that deal Electro DMG. Charge your attack up to deal AoE Electro DMG. Plunge to the ground with your Lightning and deal AoE Electro DMG on the ground from mid-air.

Violet Arc – Release a Lightning Orb and deals Electro DMG upon impact. You can apply Conductive status and stack it for up to three times in a small AoE. Charge up the attack to strike your enemies with Lightning from above and deal Electro DMG to all nearby enemies as well. Damage scales with Conductive stacks.

Lightning Rose – Summon a lightning rose which releases lightning bolts at your enemies and deals Electro DMG.


Compared to the rest of the Genshin Impact lineup, the characters in this category just can’t compete and so fall into the lowest bracket.


Favonius Bladework: Maid – Perform 4 consecutive strikes. Charge your attack up to deal a combo of slashes that ends with a powerful blow. Plunge into the ground from mid-air to deal AoE damage to the enemies below you.

Breastplate – Summon stone armor that deals Geo DMG to surrounding enemies. The armor absorbs damage in accordance with Noelle’s DEF.

Sweeping Time – Noelle strikes enemies in a large AoE, dealing Geo DMG. Noelle then gains a larger attack AoE, converts all DMG to Geo DMG, and ATK scales based on her DEF.


Sharpshooter – Perform up to 5 consecutive shots with a bow. Charge up your attack for a more precise blow and additional Pyro DMG upon a complete charge. Release a volley of arrows unto a marked AoE, which deals DMG upon impact.

Explosive Puppet – Summon Baron Bunny which taunts enemies and tanks all the incoming damage. Bunny’s HP scales with Amber’s HP. Upon death, explodes and deals AoE Pyro DMG.

Fiery Rain – Fire a shower of arrows that deal AoE Pyro DMG.

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