How To Find And Use Anemo Sigils In Genshin Impact?

Anemo Sigils is an important currency in Genshin Impact and you'll need vast amounts of it to flourish. Here is how to find and use it.

Genshin Impact offers a variety of currencies, each with a specific purpose. Anemo Sigils are the lifeblood of Mondstadt, the City of Freedom. These tokens represent the recognition of the Anemo Archon and hold immense value for travelers like yourself.

By acquiring Anemo Sigils, you gain access to a treasure trove of resources at Mondstadt’s Souvenir Shop. These resources include prototypes for powerful weapons, character ascension materials, and even Mora, the universal currency.

This guide gives you the power to become a master Anemo Sigil collector. We will discuss the different methods for acquiring these valuable tokens, explore the types of items you can purchase with them, and offer valuable tips to optimize your spending.

Why Are Anemo Sigils Important in Genshin Impact?

Anemo Sigils purchase valuable items, such as prototypes, necessary for creating strong swords, spears, and other weapons. These prototypes can be obtained through defeating bosses or by using Anemo Sigils.

How to Get Anemo Sigils in Genshin Impact?

There are two main ways to obtain Anemo Sigils:

Leveling Up the Statue of the Seven

One way to get Anemo Sigils is by leveling up the statue in Mondstadt. To do this, you must worship the statue and get Anemo Sigils. However, this method is not the most efficient, as it takes a long time and requires getting an Immunculus, which is not easy to obtain.

Expeditions and Chests

A better way to get Anemo Sigils is by going on expeditions and opening chests. The bigger the chest, the more Anemo Sigils you will get. This method is faster and more efficient than leveling up the statue.

Did You Know

You can also get Anemo Sigils from defeating elite enemies and opening chests in the open world.

How to Use Anemo Sigils?

Anemo Sigils can be used to buy valuable items, such as:

  • Prototypes: These are necessary for creating strong swords, spears, and other weapons.
  • Coins: You can buy coins with Anemo Sigils, which can be used to purchase other items.
  • Weapon Ascension Materials: These are necessary for ascending your weapons and making them stronger.

Save your Anemo Sigils, as they are hard to get and are necessary for progressing in the game.

You can also use them to purchase items from the Mondstadt Souvenir shop. When you visit the shop, your first priority should be getting your hands on the character ascension materials. So, stocking up on materials using the sigils is a good idea. Don’t forget to check the shop in Mondstadt regularly, as the items available change daily.

Below are listed the items and more that can be bought using the Ameno Sigils at the Monstadt and Liyue Souvenir shops.

Agnidus Agate Sliver106
Varunada Lazurite Sliver106
Vayuda Turquoise Sliver106
Shivada Jade Sliver106
Prithiva Topaz Sliver106
Vajrada Amethyst Sliver106
Tile of Decarabian’s Tower43
Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth43
Bonds of the Dandelion Gladiator43
Memory of Roving Gales2251
Northlander Sword Prototype2251
Mora x1,600160
Mora x1,6002None

You will need these Slivers to advance and ascend your characters beyond level 20.

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