Genshin Impact Aloy Character Guide

In this detailed Genshin Impact Aloy Character guide, we will discuss everything you’ll need to know about Aloy. We’ll go through all of Aloy’s abilities, passives, constellations and even ascension materials.

Genshin Impact Aloy

Aloy is a new character, appearing as a cross between Horizon: Zero Dawn and Genshin Impact. And yes, she is the same Aloy as in Horizon: Zero Dawn and is out here in Teyvat to search for new challenges.

Attacks and Abilities

Melee Attack: Rapid Fire

  • Normal Attack: She shoots four consecutive shots from her bow.
  • Charged Attacks: Takes a precise shot while aiming, that deals high damage. Cyro damage is dealt when the shot is fully charged.
  • Plunging Attack: Several arrows fired that all have an AoE on striking.

Elemental Attack: Frozen Wilds

Aloy will throw a Freeze bomb that explodes on impact. The bomb deals Cyro damage. After explosion, the bomb also releases several chillwater bomblets that will explode on contact with any enemy, dealing additional Cyro damage.

The damage dealt by enemies who have been damaged from chillwater bomblets is reduced and Aloy gains one Coil Stack. With four Coil Stacks, Aloy gains Rushing Ice, and this converts all her normal attacks into Cyro attacks.

Elemental Burst: Prophecies of Dawn

Aloy will throw a cell filled with Cryo filled energy. This cell can only be detonated when struck by an arrow. When it explodes, the cell deals massive Cryo AoE damage.

Aloy Passives

  • Easy Does It: When Aloy is in the party, party members won’t startle small animals as easily
  • Combat Override: When Aloy receives a coil stack from Frozen Wilds, her attack is increased by 16%. Aloy’s party members also receive an attack boost of 8%. This effect lasts for 10 seconds
  • Strong Strike: When Aloy is in the Rushing Ice state, her Cryo damage bonus increases by 3.5% every second. A maximum amount of 35% Cryo damage bonus can be gained this way

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