Gears of War 4 Easter Eggs, Secrets and Pop-Culture References

Gears of War 4 Easter Eggs Guide to help you find all references to earlier iteration, pop-culture, and Hollywood.

There are multiple Gears of War 4 Easter Eggs that you can find during the course of the game. These are not only from earlier iterations of Gears of War franchise but also pop-culture and Hollywood productions.

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Gears of War 4 Easter Eggs Guide

In our Gears of War 4 Easter Eggs Guide, we have compiled every easter egg that we have found so far.

Freeze Ray from Despicable Me

In order to get Gru’s Freeze Ray from Despicable Me, you need to play the Prologue on Insane. After meeting up with Dom during the machinegun nest sequence, head inside the immediate next room.

Once there, reload your weapon and only leave the UIR soldier on the left-hand-side. From there, run towards the stairs on the right-hand-side and inside the garage on your right. If you are able to head inside, you should be able to find the gun on a crate.

The Unfortunate Carmine Family

During Act 1, Chapter 4, Carmine catches the first aeroplane which immediately crashes due to DeeBees drop-pods. There is no telling whether Carmine survived the crash, but he most probably did not.

Dom’s Tomato Seeds

During Act 2, Chapter 2, you need to destroy all the plants in the Greenhouse. This should intensely trigger Marcus who will go on a rant rampage. Once done, you should also be able to receive a Tomato Grenade near the door.

Maria’s Gravestone

While roaming the graveyard during Act 3, Chapter 2, you should be able to find a gravestone with MA, R, I, A etched on it.


If you take some time and check out the game’s Achievement List on Xbox One, you should be able to find multiple references to A Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, Mad Max, etc.

Conversation with Baird

During Act 1, Prologue, you need to check the screens to find a conversation between Marcus and Baird on how JD is doing, etc. Apart from this, you should also be able to see a conversation between Baird and First Minister Jinn.

This is all we have on Gears of War 4 Easter Eggs Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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