Gears Tactics Weapons and Armor Upgrades Guide

Weapons and Armor are essential for combat in Gears Tactics. The better armor and weapons your squad/team has the more chances you have of coming out on top versus the Locust horde. In this Gears Tactics Weapons and Armor Upgrades guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade your equipment.

Gears Tactics Weapons and Armor Upgrades

In the game, you can change the equipment of your squad at any time from the Barracks.

But to change their loadouts, you must have something to replace them with, say acquired upgraded armors and weapons. You can get these from cases, which are found in missions.

To find cases you have to explore mission levels and not just run through them chasing objectives; cases are often spread over the map and are easy to find once you start looking.

Now there are normal cases, blue ones, and purple ones. Purple cases provide epic equipment while blue ones give out rare equipment.

Purple cases are much rarer to come by; so, pounce at the chance to get them if you spot any.

To actually pick the case you need to send over one of the men in your squad to go and open the case.

This will only be possible if the case is within the movement range of your unit. So, you may need to adjust your squad’s position to reach the case.

At the end of said level or mission, you get to open all the cases that you found.

Now go to the barracks and select the character you want to upgrade, select from a list what equipment you would like them to have.

The characters that are upgradeable have a red top right-hand corner next to their name.

It would be beneficial to consider your strategy here, close-quarter “Vanguard” heroes require more health as they are on the front line so give them equipment accordingly.

For ranged units like the “Sniper”, select damage and accuracy-based equipment for efficiency.

Although you can change the equipment, if you change your mind there is a limit to how many times that can be done, so think carefully before confirming anything.

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