Gears Tactics Mission Types Guide

Gears Tactics features several different types of missions, each with their own unique mechanics and play-styles. Leveling up your characters...

Gears Tactics features several different types of missions, each with their own unique mechanics and play-styles. Leveling up your characters requires you to play a lot of these missions. In this guide, we’ll walk you through each type of mission in Gears Tactics and how it is played.

Gears Tactics Mission Types

This game mode revolves around capturing two control points. Doing this will make you gain supply points every turn.

Once you obtain 10 supplies, you’ll win the game. You’ll get a Checkpoint after getting five supplies.

Not only do you have to go on the offensive and capture the enemy control points, but you also need to defend them from capturing yours.

Keep in mind that the enemy only needs four supplies to win.

If a control point has both hostiles and teammates, it is allowed to be contested. Doing so will result in zero supplies for everyone.

From the start to end of the mission, Locust enemies will keep appearing every turn so keep an eye out for them.

The best classes for Control missions are Heavy – because of its Mulcher, which will help in clearing the Locusts – and Sniper, because of its overall usefulness.

Don’t shy away from playing Control missions as they’ll help you out a lot with leveling up through kills, as the enemies spawn indefinitely.

This game mode is basically a treasure hunt. There are five loot chests present on the map and you have to find and open three of them to win.

The catch is that Nemacysts will fall from the sky every turn and they’ll kill the people in the red zone.

They can even block your path by spawning in front of you. They’ll go after both hostiles and friendlies.

You can go past Locus enemies to make a run for a loot chest or extraction point. This will confuse the Locust and they’ll get pummeled from above.

The best classes to use in this mission are Scouts and Vanguards because of their mobility.

Scavenger missions are easily some of the best ones to do in Gears Tactics if you’re looking to earn rewards.

You have to free prisoners from two Locust torture pods present on the map. You’ll have to first clear the map of enemies before you can reach the pods.

You will have to free both of them in about 15 turns. In your recruitment pool, you’ll see the prisoners you saved.

You’ll get a checkpoint after freeing each prisoner. After the extraction point spawns, more Locusts will start to appear on the map to stop you from fleeing.

The Support class really shines in this mission as it provides some extremely helpful backup with its extra AP.

If you pre-ordered Gears Tactics, you’ll be able to acquire Augustus Cole – a DLC character – by completing the very first Rescue mission in Act 1, Chapter 4.

Sabotage and Incursion are two different missions but they might as well be the same thing with how similar they are to each other.

In these missions, you need to make your way to the next location by interacting with an object on the map; which could be a gate or a bridge etc. Interacting with the object will give you a checkpoint.

Then you have to interact with another object. For Sabotage, this object is an Imulsion Crate and for Incursion, this object is the Large Cache. Doing this will give you another checkpoint.

Before you can reach the object, you’ll have to clear the map of the hostiles that’ll keep spawning.

After you interact with the object, you now have to travel to the extraction point and kill some more hostiles.

Side Objectives
Aside from the main objective, most missions in Gears Tactics also have side objectives that help you earn extra rewards.

These side objectives can be:

  • Deploy into the mission without any Vanguards.
  • Use the Reload ability 5 or less times.
  • Kill or down 7 or more enemies using the Overwatch ability.

Coupled with these side objectives will be some ‘Modifiers’ which can either be helpful or harmful. These may be:

  • Enemy health or movement range is boosted.
  • Cooldowns of abilities or grenades decreased by X turns.
  • Damage dealt through overwatch is increased.
  • Less action points.

You can play veteran and normal side missions infinitely after completing the campaign of Gears Tactics.