Gears Tactics Leveling Guide

Gears Tactics leveling system revolves around how many enemies you can kill. Instead of quest progression, it’s better to make sure you leave nobody alive during your playthrough of different activities. In this guide for Gears Tactics, we will be discussing how to effectively rank up.

Gears Tactics Leveling

Looking to grind some XP? Need to unlock all your perks and skill abilities? Look no further, your best bet at levelling yourself up other than playing through the campaign is to progress through Control missions.

Leveling your characters in Tactics goes a long way in ensuring their survival in missions and the victory of your squad.

If your character is high level enough, they will have access to some amazing skills to utilize in combat that can mean the difference between victory and failure.

Control Missions
The idea behind control missions is simple; capture the highlighted points, gather 9 supplies and fend off the angry adds trying to take you down.

Grab classes that can help you keep the overwhelming number of enemies at bay (Something like a Heavy soldier).

Having a good arsenal and a lot of ammo by your side helps in speeding up the process significantly.

Veteran Missions
Once you’re done with Tactics’ campaign, you will find yourself to be around Level 6 or higher by the time the game ends.

A good strategy afterward would be to repeat the veteran missions and level yourself up through those.

If at any point you feel like your assigned skilled points aren’t distributed properly, you can always go to the top right corner of your character’s screen and reset the allocation.

However, note that these are limited, and you will gain access to only a handful of these resets; so, choose wisely!

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