Gears Tactics Hydra Boss Guide

This Gear Tactics walkthrough will cover the fight against the Hydra. Hydra is the third and final boss fight of...

This Gear Tactics walkthrough will cover the fight against the Hydra. Hydra is the third and final boss fight of the game that you encounter in Act 3 Chapter 8 and can prove to be quite difficult.  This Gears Tactics Hydra Boss guide will detail the best strategy for defeating the boss.

You need to prepare beforehand if you don’t want to feel stuck when tackling this battle against the Hydra as it is quite a formidable enemy.

Gears Tactics Hydra Boss Fight

The first thing you need to keep an eye out for during the boss fight is the Hydra’s two Missile Launchers that are on its back.

You will get one turn to avoid the projectiles so try getting away from the center of the blast.

We don’t recommend spending time trying to take the launchers out since they will just grow back during the next part of the battle.

If the Hydra is on one side of the map and you don’t spot a missile marker then the boss is planning to reduce your units’ movements by 50% through the use of Roar.

This attack serves to stun your units and get in the way of your overwatch cones.

You can evade it by falling back and taking cover where each half of the squad started.

The enemies that spawn in the area are more of an annoyance than the actual Hydra. You will be hit by Grenadiers, Wretches, Tickers, and Hammerburst drones.

Boomers will also start popping up during the final phase of the battle.

Try to avoid getting overwhelmed by these enemies and focus on keeping them from advancing while dodging the incoming missiles.

The Ticker Kick ability can be used to hurt grenadier units. Once you take down the boss then these will stop spawning so try to get that done as quickly as you can.

The best way to deal damage to the Hydra is to land shots at its head whenever you can.

Once you take down a boomer in the final phase of the fight, you should pick up its grenade launcher and use it to shoot the Hydra’s head. This can deal massive damage that takes away quite bit of health from the boss.

If you take damage from lesser enemies then use Gabe’s “command” passive ability. This will restore about 4% of their max health whenever Gabe kills an enemy.

So try to get Gabe to land the finishing blows on enemies.

Eventually, you will be able to bring its health down to zero and the lesser enemies will stop spawning.