Gears Tactics Brumak Boss Guide

Brumak is one of the toughest enemies you will face in Gears Tactics so we prepared this detailed boss fight guide to help out

Brumak is one of the most difficult bosses you’ll face early on in the game. This terrifying beast makes its appearance at the end of Act I of Gears Tactics. Since Gears Tactics Brumak Boss is the first boss of this caliber that you’ll face in the game, you’ll get pummeled if you’re not well prepared.

To prepare you for this fight, we’ve made this guide to walk you through the entire boss fight with Brumak in Gears Tactics step by step.

Gears Tactics Brumak Boss

You’ll come face to face with Brumak during Mission 8 of the first act in Gears Tactics.

The character requirements for this mission are: Mikayla, Sid and Gabe. Aside from Scout, you can select anyone for the final squad member.

In this mission, you and your squad have to cross a bridge while dealing with the Locusts like Wretches, Grenadiers and Sniper Drones attacking you there.

After you make your way across the bridge and arrive at the vantage point, a cutscene will play.

After this cutscene ends, your squad will be split into two smaller squads of 2 and the boss fight will start.

Brumak’s health bar is divided into three parts, each part representing a different phase.

When you get his HP down to the second part of the health bar, he’ll enter his second phase, and then subsequently his third/final phase. Each phase increases the difficulty of the fight.


Before we teach you how to fight against him, it is crucial for you to learn all of his abilities so you’ll know exactly what to expect in this fight.

Ground Stomp
With this move, Brumak runs to the closes one of your allies near him and stomps the ground, sending them airborne.

Missile Launchers
Brumak shoots missiles from the launchers on its back right at the end of his turn.

These missiles will target the location of your squad members and after their turn, they’ll strike at the location.

The further you progress into this fight, the more missiles Brumak will fire at a time (up to 4).

Brumak fires the Machine Guns on his arms, with the bullets spreading in a cone-shape in front of him.

Emergence Holes
These ‘Emergence Holes’ will appear in the battle field throughout the fight at periodic intervals.

From these holes, Wretches will spawn so you’ll need to cover them up using Overwatch and then use a grenade to seal the hole for good after it spawns.

Brumak Boss Fight

When the battle starts, half of your squad will be in the street and the other half will be the opposite side of the map (up north).

After about two turns, an Emergence Hole is going to spawn at the north side of the battlefield so you’ll immediately need to put a team on Overwatch for it.

Defeating Brumak is surprisingly easy if you know how to damage him. He has three points on his body where you can deal the most damage.

There is an Imulsion Tank on his back which is a very weak point of his and firing at it will quickly chip away at his health.

Other than that, the Machin Guns on his arms can be attacked to not only deal damage but also disable them.

The Imulsion Tank on his back is easily the best way to take him down as you can exploit this weakness of his using a simple strategy.

Brumak turns around when you start shooting at the tank to protect it. What this means is that with your two teams of two characters, you can deal damage back and forth to his back.

Place one team in front of him and one behind him, when the second team shoots his back and he turns around, your first team can start shooting at his back instead and you can repeat this process to take away a large chunk of his health. With each turn, you’ll be able to get about 3 shots in.

This makes the Sniper class soldiers easily the best soldiers to fight him because of their high long-range accuracy, and the additional DPS from Chain Shot.

The second-best class is the Heavy class because of their machine gun.

Because of their weak DPS and low long-range accuracy, the Support or Vanguard classes will struggle with Brumak, but all you need is one Scout soldier and one Heavy soldier to make this strategy work.

One thing to note is that you don’t want to go near the sandbagged bunker by the blue wall and the street corner at the end of the wall.

Going here is an easy way to get pinned in the corner by the Brumak. He’ll stomp you to oblivion and Emergence Holes will spawn here as well, making you take even more damage from Wretches.

As you progress in the fight and Brumak starts firing several missiles at once, this strategy will be hard to keep up because of the need for constant relocating.

When this happens, you can now start firing at his arms instead to finish him off and complete the mission.