Gears Tactics Best Vanguard Class Builds Guide

Vanguard Class in Tactics is the most offensive class there is, with their robust weapons and outclass abilities they wreak havoc on the frontline and provide support and buff to other classes as well. This Gears Tactics Best Vanguard Class Builds guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Vanguard unit types and the ideal build and loadout that you should go for.

Gears Tactics Best Vanguard Class Builds

Vanguard-class takes a tank role in the battle with the ability to sustain the most amount of damage as well as returning the damage on the enemies as well.

The Vanguard class is unlocked by default at the start of the game, so you’ll have plenty of time to get acquainted with it.

Sid Redburn is the main Vanguard character, however, you can have other characters with the Vanguard class type as well.

Skills and Abilities

Like every other class in Gears Tactics, Vanguard has a unique set of abilities that make it distinguishable from the others and give it an essential role in every battle. Some of the skills are as follows;

Regeneration restores 10% health (of max) after each turn.

Leech allow you to restore health by the amount of damage done by your shots.

Warden reduces damage taken and allows self-revive.

Assault increases damage proportional to health lost.

Intimidate pulls enemies out of cover, making them leave their ranks and reveal themselves.

For a more supportive role;

Rally allows nearby allies to passively acquire the Leech ability by your proximity.

Stand Together nearby allies enjoy increased defense as well as automatic revial when downed.

Weapon and Armor

Perks along with attachments to the weapon add an additional layer of buff to your Vanguard characters.

Below are some Perks that you may want to utilize;

Bloodlust (Stock): Heals your unit proportional to the amount of damage done.

Flatliner (Magazine): Each kill increases your chance of getting critical hits.

Anticipation (Sight): Reduces damage taken by improving your anticipation of the enemies.

Disrupt (Barrel): Shots knock back targets taking them off the ground.

For the armor pieces, use Hardened Armor to increased max health, Champion on Chest to get each kill to heal your allies by a percentage and Self-Repair for Boots to get healed at the start of the turn.

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