Gears Tactics Best Sniper Class Builds Guide

Dealing with Locusts, the boss Brumak and many more tasks can be done with ease with the help of the Sniper Class in Gears Tactics. In this Gear Tactics Best Sniper Class Builds guide, we have given the skills and abilities along with few weapon attachments of the Sniper class.

This class is unlocked after Act 1, Chapter 4 after meeting with Mikayla Dorn. They possess a Longshot rifle along with multiple perks that will cause the Locusts to run away for the hills.

Gears Tactics Best Sniper Class Builds

Gears Tactics includes a main character known as Mikayla Dorn. This character is used quite often due to her being a Sniper in the game.

Default Sharpshooter allows you to have a reduced accuracy penalty for adversaries at a long range, with a high critical damage.

The Sniper class is divided into branches that includes Marksman, Assassin and Stalker, where Marksman provides bonus damage and kill streaks, Assassin has Accuracy focus and Stalker debuffs.

Even though the Sniper class comes with multiple branches, the highly recommended branch is Hunter as it is an allrounder branch.

Additionally, you’ll have to select few skills in the Hunter branch such as the following:

  • Fast Fingers – Reloads and gains AP when a unit is downed.
  • Chain Shot – Gain 2 AP when a unit is simply hit by the ability.
  • Ultimate Shot – If the target is downed or killed, regain maximum (3) AP.

Keep in mind to take the Epiphany, left to the skill tree. This way you’ll decrease a skill’s cooldown after injuring or killing an adversary.

Having leftover points allows you to select the following:

  • First Blood (Marksman) – Extra damage if a target is at full health.
  • Bullseye (Assassin) – Your next shot is guaranteed to be a critical hit.
  • Concussion Shot (Stalker) – Interrupt and prevent a target’s actions for one turn. I picked this one since it can be a lifesaver when you’re dealing with Boomers or Disciples.

Following are the attachments for Mikayla’s Longshot sniper rifle:

  • Stock: Precision – Increased accuracy.
  • Bolt: Sleek – Increased critical chance.
  • Scope: Laser – Increased damage but lowered critical chance; offset by the bolt attachment’s perk.
  • Barrel: Swift – Chance to gain 1 AP when shooting; since you’re shooting often, this will also proc often.

As for armor pieces, following are your armors:

  • Helmet: Optics – Increased critical hit chance.
  • Chest: Potential – Chance to reduce a random skill’s cooldown at the start of your turn.
  • Boots: Extended Mag – Additional ammo.

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