Gears Tactics Best Scout Class Builds Guide

Getting the Gnasher is an easy task but using it can really be difficult. In this guide on Gears Tactics Best Scout Class Builds, you’ll find detailed information about the Gnasher with its skills and abilities, weapon attachments and more.

You’ll get the Gnasher after Act1, Chapter 1 once you’ve unlocked Scout in Gears Tactics after saving two random soldiers.

Gears Tactics Best Scout Class Builds

Scout class is considered as an inconsistent class due to it possessing a really low accuracy as even from a close range your shotgun barely hits the opponent or doesn’t connect at all.

However, the Scouts Cloak comes in handy as it allows you to move around without coming in view.

But mostly the abilities of a Scout aren’t even functional for Gears Tactic’s missions, and in addition to the horrible low accuracy.

Some late-game mobs like Disciples and Zealots create a poison nova near them after getting killed, and that can really become a headache for the Scout who’s near them at the time.

Apart from all the negative points, the Scout possess four archetypes

  • Raider – Double Shot and health regen.
  • Slayer – Sneaky close-up kills and the Finisher shot for wounded targets.
  • Recon – Additional movement points and Sprint boosts.
  • Commando – Buffed grenade and proximity mine usage.

The most effective use comes from the skills of Raider as Double Shot and Rampage enable the player to shoot at either the same opponent or a different one, few times in a row.

Plus, the Bloodlust can really turn the pages to your favor.

Other Scout class skills include Sprint, Frag Grenade Mastery.

Sprint allows you to run forward without breaking your Cloak and the Frag Grenade Mastery allows you to decreases the cooldown of grenade planting as well as throws.

Following are the attachments for your Gnasher:

  • Grip: Expertise – Skill cooldown reduction.
  • Handle: Extended Mag – Additional ammo.
  • Sight: Precision – Accuracy bonus.
  • Barrel: Power – Increased damage.

As far as Armors are concerned, the following armors are available for Scout class:

  • Helmet: Optics – Increased critical hit chance.
  • Chest: Autoloader – Chance to reload one shotgun ammo at the start of your turn.
  • Boots: Utility Belt – Frag and stim grenade cooldowns reduced; nicely complements Frag Grenade Mastery.

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