Gears Tactics Best Abilities Guide

Gears Tactics provides a total of five classes to choose from; each offering a different role and unique playstyle while on the field. If utilized to their full potential with the right abilities, your team can be unbreakable. In this Gears Tactics Best Abilities guide, we will show you how to set up the perfect squad.

Gears Tactics Best Abilities

In this guide for Gears Tactics, we have talked about each individual class and the different abilities they offer with respect to their branches.

Each class has a total of four branches, each branch offering to improve your characters in a different aspect while in combat.

Support Class
The Support Class is responsible for enhancing the overall team performance on the field.

With proper healing and damage buffs, you can cut through the enemy team without too much resistance making this one of the most essential classes in Gears Tactics with the right upgrades.

  • Healing abilities such as the stim ability can be used over different turns to give allies additional survivability.
  • AoE healing can be done using Group Therapy obtained from the Combat Medic branch to heal multiple allies at once.
  • The Paragon branch can give you the necessary damage buffs you need to fight the enemy back and wipe them out, preventing them from making a turnover at the last moment.
  • For the Support class, if you feel like you want to compensate for damage a little bit, you can go ahead and start unlocking a little of the Strategist branch; however, with other roles taking care of that role very nicely, it’s really no use sacrificing points on that little extra damage, it really isn’t worth it.
  • Try to get more than one support unit for your team, it becomes important to the party as the game moves on. Being stranded without any healing abilities is the last thing you want.

Sniper Class Abilities
Snipers lay in the back as they take out key enemies from a safe distance. Keeping them safe while they do their job is extremely important.

Their skill trees only contribute to making their effectiveness and weapons deadlier.

  • Put your points into Precision Shot to better increase your accuracy and your damage output. Having a normal damage output, and less accuracy makes your snipers a weak unit.
  • Bullseye will help you increase your chances for a critical hit against enemies.
  • Access the Hunter and Stalker branches for abilities to add more to your bonus damage.
  • Extra Round ability in the Marksman branch allows you to gain +1 ammo upon hitting an enemy with a critical hit.
  • Concussion Shot in the Stalker branch is going to help you deal with high DPS enemies.

Heavy Class
Let’s talk Heavy, your front-line defense against your enemies’ damage. Someone like that needs good re-enforcements, with proper point allocation, you can make a formidable tank to put in the enemy’s way.

  • One of Heavy’s basic abilities is anchor that allows it to gain a boost in accuracy and damage shooting from cover (10% in accuracy and 15% in damage). Moving a section over, however, will reset the stack.
  • You can switch yourself up and go on the offensive on the fly pretty easily. However, your movement is directly going to decide what happens to the rest of your team.
  • Artillery branch can push your Anchor ability one step ahead by giving it two more stacks. Take a look into the Reckless Shot and Heat Up abilities as well which can help you rack up some damage by increasing your crit chances. The more important ability in this tree is the Ultra Shot ability which can essentially empty an entire magazine onto an enemy.
  • The Defender branch is going to capitalize on the tank role for heavy, allowing him to hold up points much more effectively, preventing anything from tearing through and/or getting out.
  • Your mobility can be improved in the Specialist branch allowing you to switch between a tank or a damage dealer on the fly; know that you will have to sacrifice on either depending on what you pick.
  • Demolition branch will help you rack up some damage against your enemies.

Vanguard Abilities
The Vanguard balances things out by providing some rough support, and an adequate amount of damage against the enemies.

With the proper upgrades, you can make the Vanguard a perfect killing machine, and the perfect supporting ally.

  • Assault branch as the name implies helps with damage effects, not only to your allies, but to yourself as well.
  • Hemorrhage allows you to deal 200 damage on your enemies for three turns if you have landed a critical hit on them. It’s free damage.
  • The Warden branch allows you to be a bit tankier, making you more evasive and giving a boost to your defensive stats.
  • Paladin branch has a pretty useful skill by the name of “Stand Together”, taking one last stand together with the team, you can revive all allies within a 10-meter radius, preparing for one final push before going down.

Scout Abilities
Scout’s more effective in closer ranges and surprising enemies by using cloak and abilities of the sort. You can pull some pretty risky flanks with Scout if you have the right skills.

  • With the Recon branch you can go around enemies, investing into the Sprint ability you will be able to perform 3 action points worth of movement for simply the cost of one. Anticipation allows you to gain one extra action point while Blood Rush will allow you to get three more meters in your movement if you down or kill an enemy.
  • With the Commando Branch you can play a bit dirty with your enemies by planting traps such as the proximity mine. Using Quick Swap, you can reduce the grenade cooldown, and with the Extended Cloak ability, feel free to get even closer to enemies before you land your blow.
  • Double Shot and Exertion (Raider branch) are both abilities that can grant you extra action points at the cost of losing your health.
  • With the Slayer branch you can improve your stealth allowing you to gain damage buffs while performing attacks out of sight.

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