Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 6 Panacea Walkthrough

This guide will focus on Chapter 6 of Act 2 in Tactics. Starting out this Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 6 Panacea mission you will get off a ship and the cut scene will show you going inside through a large door.

We will try to cover the Act 2 Chapter 6 Panacea mission walkthrough in as much detail as possible. Let’s get started:

Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 6 Panacea

When you get inside one of your teammates will remove dust off a sign and read the warning that says, Rustlum Quarantine zone, like we haven’t been tired by that word nowadays.

When the team will be pondering upon that, they will hear a roar and then you will “Gear” up and find out whatever is going on here.

Your instructions say that archives are up in the Atrium and that is where you will find the intel.

You will move your characters up the stairs while keeping them in cover at all times. Enemies will appear on the second set of stairs.

If you have placed your team correctly, you will be able to take them out easily.

Using a grenade would be a smart move here. Keep moving the team forward while taking out the enemies strategically. Be careful as locust enemies can appear from behind you as well.

As soon as all the enemies are out, you will have to decide who opens the gate.

After opening the gate, you have to push up to the archives and that is just when a Disciple appears who is one of the strong enemies and carries a weapon. Try to avoid enemy range at all costs.

Take them all out one by one. There is a gas cloud that you need to be careful of.

Don’t task any character to move through it and keep making your way through the enemies to the archive room. The path is pretty straight forward, literally.

You will pretty much be just moving your characters from one cover to the next while taking out the enemies on the way.

When you get to the atrium in Act 2 Chapter 6, there will be a strong box that has a canister with the medical archives. After that, you have to get back out.

Heading out will be much faster than getting in. But you face enemies on the way back as well.

There will be enemies on the stairs as well on the way back. But none of them are very hard to take down. Except for the two enemies that show up at the end. But you won’t have to kill them.

Make a run for your escape to finish Act 2 Chapter 6 Panacea and after that, a cutscene will play in which the team would be trying to deduce what information is present in the archive you gathered.

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