Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 5 Contraband Walkthrough

After chapter 4 Cover of Darkness, you will enter the chapter 5 of Act 2 in the Gears Tactics. We have prepared this detailed Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 5 Contraband walkthrough guide to get you through the complete chapter point by point, highlighting the important parts and tactics.

Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 5 Contraband

So the chapter will start with the objective “Rescue the Prisoners”. What are these prisoners, they are from the Locust Cargo Shipment to which the final deserter’s trail led us.

So this is also a prisoner rescue mission like the ones before, so if you have been playing the game throughout you will know the drill already.

So the base reward that you will get by completing Act 2 chapter 5 is one rare weapon mod.

There will be an optional objective as well in the chapter which is “Kill five or more enemies using rescued gears”, so if you complete this one as well you will get one rare armor as well.

Now, the level will start with you guys in the courtyard, you will see that there is this torture pod thing on your left and that will be high and another one on your right that is lower.

The best thing you can do and is recommended is to take the high ground which will help you a lot in the battle. Get up the higher pod which is to your left.

Now you have a huge area to cover and just two soldiers in the chapter, the best thing we recommend you do is just send one of your Heavy type soldiers to the right side while the other one takes the left side.

This is because you will have lots of room to fall back if those locusts start pushing harder.

What might happen is your left soldier will get pushed harder so you can easily fall back to the center area where your heavy soldier can throw some grenades in to tear some of those locusts to pieces.

It will be a tough one but you will be able to clear the area nonetheless, so when you are done with the locusts in the area, you will see a new cutscene.

Now get to the next torture pod that you will find when you get down from the stairs ahead, here you have a very clear advantage over the next group of locusts.

They will be very easy to deal with and when you are done with that, you will see there is a new enemy type you will be facing here, the Theron Guard.

This one is a crossbow wielder and the bolts of this crossbow are exploding when fired.

You have to be very careful with this new enemy as you will notice he is very good at flanking and attacking from behind the lines.

He will also have the ability to track one of your teammates and make him vulnerable. SO be careful from him and keep a safe distance.

Use vanguard here to close the distance as you have a number of enemies to face now.

There will be locusts all around plus your new enemy with his bunch of hammerburst drones as well.

These locusts can be easy to get rid of as they do not have that defensive circle like wretches so you can blow them off in bunch.

When you defeat your new foe Theron Guard, you can also take his crossbow and get to fight with the locusts on the bottom of the stairs.

You can either take a shot from Theron’s crossbow to an enemy and then it will blow the enemy off or you can simply hit an area and it will act like a throwing grenade.

We recommend that you use the second type, making it work like a grenade as it will be much more useful when you have a number of enemies to deal with.

Now you will have to push towards the torture pad and rescue the soldiers there.

Now your objective will be updated with “Regroup at Extraction Point” and you will face the final swarm of locusts and snipers and hammerburst drones coming at you.

They all will spawn near your extraction point. Now we recommend that you put two soldiers on the left side to flank, one at the center and one on the right side.

Just a simple drill and you will be able to get rid of this heavy swarm.

After you are done with all these enemies, just keep going cover to cover for a final fight, these will be a bunch of enemies, nothing new.

Kill them and get to the extraction point to end Act 2 Chapter 5 Contraband mission.