Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 4 Cover of Darkness Walkthrough

In Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 4 Cover of Darkness, you are tasked with a mission to destroy some Imulsion tanks. It is a simple in and out mission, but one that introduces a new enemy type in the campaign.

Here we have covered everything in the form of a complete walkthrough of Cover of Darkness mission for Gears Tactics and it contains all the information on how to effectively complete the Act with all the useful tactics and attacks.

Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 4 Cover of Darkness

“Reach the Bridge” is the first objective you are given, and the bridge in question is located just opposite to the place where your Gears squad is inserted, under the Cover of Darkness.

On your way to the bridge, you will immediately face a swarm of Wretches coming at you head-on.

To deal with them effectively stay in cover and get rid of these Wretches by throwing grenades at them.

After dealing with the Wretches you will have to face a few Hammerburst wielding Drones. Here just keep in mind to remain in cover at all times.

Get down to the center of the area and provide overwatch, kill all those Drones.

An important thing to keep in mind here is that you should avoid the building on your left. As firstly, it does not have any good angle for you to attack from, and secondly, it will lead to a longer path to your objective.

After you are done with the first swarm of enemies, get to the bridge controls and raise the bridge as you’ve been told by the objective.

Now you will be able to easily cross the bridge without any hindrance and will also be able to hold some good positions on the other side.

Now we recommend that you take advantage of that elevated right side and place your sniper there, supplement this sniper with a heavy for even more firepower.

The remaining two Gears in the squad should cover the center and the left side of the area.

This is the second encounter and you will have quite a few more enemies to kill; these will include a lot of Wretches and Tickers plus five or more Hammerburst Drones.

The sniper overwatch you set up earlier will pay dividends now when you are faced with Kantus enemies.

These enemies provide buffs to their comrades and will make your life much harder, making Wretches twice as hard to kill

After dealing with the Kantus and Wretches, you will see that the building on your left contains the Imulsion tanks which you need to blow up.

Set your sniper high on to the right side and get your assault team to get the job done quickly.

There will be ladders on each side of the building which makes it easier to get inside.

Interact with those canisters to blow them up and your objective will now update to “Regroup at the Extraction Point”.

But there will be a huge fight before you can get to the extraction point so get ready for it.

You will now face a new wave of Tickers and Wretches accompanied by those Kantus.

As the Kantus enemy is going to stay in the backlines and provide buffs; we recommend that you place your sniper on the second floor of the building and deal with them at long range.

This will help you significantly to thin down their numbers and fight them back, and eventually kill all the Locust in the area.

Now make your way to the extraction zone and this will mark the end of the mission “Cover of Darkness” in Gears Tactics.