Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 3 AWOL Walkthrough

In this Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 3 AWOL walkthrough we will help you successfully rescue captured Gears from behind the enemy base.

Our Gears Tactics AWOL guide will take you through the mission, explain all the objectives and the most efficient methods to doing them.

Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 3 AWOL

You are told three people have deserted camp and that you have to take a search party to go rescue them.

Mikayla and Darren go out to the enemy outpost where two of the three deserters are held, the third being nowhere to be found.

The objectives for AWOL mission are:

  1. Rescue the two deserters from the torture pods.
  2. All units must survive.
  3. Complete the mission in 16 turns or less.

At the outpost, you’ll see that the two pods are at different locations some distance apart.

You’ll be facing Armed Grubs and Tickers in this mission. Tickers are Locust with explosives on them that’ll explode when they’re near you.

You have a Sniper; Mikayla, and a Support unit; Darren on your team during the Gears Tactics AWOL mission.

The pod on the left holds a Vanguard unit while the one on the right holds Berret, a Support unit. Both sides are guarded by 4 Grubs with shotguns.

No matter which side you take first, the mission will progress exactly the same.

As you move close to the pods, the Tickers that spawned in the central area will position themselves close by, while the Grubs will tactically surround you slowly as you move further inwards.

Be sure to kill any targets as soon as you have the clear line of sight or they’ll end up costing you a lot of HP if you let them take up good positions.

Make use of cover as much as possible to avoid unnecessary damage. Point your support unit at the Tickers to kill them before they rush and explode.

Kill the grubs and the Ticker to make your way to the pod and release the deserter. You’ll now have another soldier in your squad.

Kill the 3 Grubs that drop in the central area so that you may make your way to the other pod. Kill the 4 grubs there, unlock the pod and make way to the extraction point.

You must kill the 2 grubs and 4 tickers that just dropped in order to extract out this area to complete Act 2 Chapter 3 AWOL mission.

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