Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 1 Taking Stock Walkthrough

This walkthrough will cover Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 1: Taking Stock. Now that the team is aware of the threat Ukkon poses, they’ve decided that it’s time for some on-the-job tactical training for the Gears.

Your job is to work as a team to collect supplies and take down some Locust. This fight will also be the first appearance the Boomer enemy type.

Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 1 Taking Stock

Load the supplies you need to upgrade your army and ensure that all your units survive.

  • Primary Objective: Secure the Supplies.
  • Optional Objective: Hold both points for 2 more consecutive turns.

You should bring along a heavy, a vanguard, and a scout class characters for this mission. Position your units in cover behind the crates to the North and North-West.

You will encounter enemy reinforcements in Taking Stock mission in the form of a Boomer and a Hammerburst Drone

Boomers have thickened skin so you’re going to have to work in sync in order to take it down. Shoot at it with a heavy weapon such as a shotgun in order to deal maximum damage with minimum shots.

Once you take it down, you should pick up its Grenade Launcher to use against your other enemies for some explosive results.

Position a unit on the roof of the building to the North while another unit proceeds forward to cover the next to the building.

A new group of enemies will now spawn where you started off this mission.

A bunch of Wretches and a Grenadier will pop up in that direction so you should set an overwatch cone towards there to make quick work of them.

Position a unit in the supply circle on the left side and another one close by for support.

You will have to fight even more Wretches and a grenadier, and once they’re taken care of, you must battle a Boomer and another group of Wretches.

You can clear out the latter easily with the previously mentioned grenade launcher.

Now we have to deal with the Boomer. Just set up two overwatch cones to prevent him from being able to attack you while dealing massive damage.

Try to avoid getting hit since that grenade launcher can take quite a bit of health from you.

Once the Boomer has been dealt with, you need to focus on collecting the required supplies.

Take care of any enemies that are currently presenting a threat and then bring a unit to support you down in the supply ring.

Hopefully, you will be able to acquire the supplies and get out with your entire squad intact.

You will be rewarded with 2 rare weapon mods. Additionally, if you were able to complete the Optional Objective for Act 2 Chapter 1 Taking Stock mission, you will also get a rare armor.