Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 5 On the Trail Walkthrough

After defending the convoy in Survivors, your job in Gears Tactics On the Trail mission is to find and destroy Imulsion tanks. This Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 5 On the Trail walkthrough will help you with all the objectives for the mission.

Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 5 On the Trail

As the chapter begins, your team is brought into the battlefield, and the location of the warehouse us shown.

It is recommended that you bring a heavy and a sniper as you will face multiple long-range fights and a locust gank in the mission.

You will fight two waves of enemies before reaching the warehouse in Act 1 Chapter 5, one in the warehouse and one while evacuating.

The first two waves of enemies will only include Wretches. The hordes can be easily dispatched using a well-placed grenade.

After clearing the second wave, move the van blocking the path to the warehouse by moving a character in front of it.

Before heading into the warehouse, deploy the heavy character you have towards the right side of the map, at any vantage point.

This will help you deal with the enemy wave that attacks you as you evacuate the area.

As you make your way through the battlefield and reach the warehouse, you will find out that this wave of enemies has a sniper with them.

Beware of the sniper. With overwatch, it is capable of long-range attacks and will pin your party members.

This point, it is best to stay ranged and try to get the locust to come to you.

Use overwatch to keep guard and once the sniper is taken out, push the locusts using grenades and overwatch.

As you clear the battlefield for the third time, send in a character to plant a bomb on the Imulsion Tank and blow it off.

As soon as it is done, your final objective will be to get to the evacuation point. Here, you will be attacked by many Wretch.

Take out the ones coming from towards the extraction point by using overwatch of the heavy character you set here earlier.

Although he will be ambushed from the back also, you have enough moves to get your rest of the team in position to support him.

As soon as you are done with the last wave of enemies, just simply place all the characters within the extraction point and you. Are done with the mission.

An additional objective for On the Trail mission, you can try to focus on is to get the mission done in 15 or less turns.

For this, you need to make sure that all your shots count and that you mow down each wave in 3 turns maximum. This gives you 3 extra turns to evacuate and complete Act 1 Chapter 5.

Also, make sure your shots count as you don’t want to waste bullets without any reason.

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