Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 3 Rough Justice Walkthrough

Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 3 Rough Justice continues the story forward from Left Behind, putting you in the shoes of Gabe and Sid again. Your objective is to rescue prisoners and here we have the complete Act 1 Chapter 3 Rough Justice mission walkthrough.

Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 3 Rough Justice

You are assigned two objectives i.e. Rescue two prisoners which are at separate locations. You have to rescue them within 15 turns.

You will find quite a few Grenadiers along the way. Grenadiers immediately attack you if you get too close and become even more difficult to handle when they become injured.

So, beware of them and don’t consider them easy targets, also beware swarms of Wretch reinforcements later

Rescue the prisoner on your right first as there are several places to take cover.

Moving from cover to cover, head over to the building to your right where there are some stairs.

Go upstairs and take cover in positions where you have a tactical advantage. Set overwatch in case of the enemy movement.

Use this high ground to your advantage as your shooting odds are better from above.

Kill the Grenadiers on-site and rescue the prisoner by moving over towards the pod. Once you free the prisoner, you’ll have an extra team member to help you get to the second one.

The Second prisoner will be on the left side of your map. Start moving towards the second prisoner while taking cover behind wrecked cars and walls.

Watch out for reinforcements of Grenadiers and Wretches. You will find the second prisoner close to an abandoned house.

Take cover behind the walls and the wrecked car. Set overwatch in case any Grenadier or Wretch tried to get close. Kill all the enemies before rescuing the prisoner.

Once you have rescued the second prisoner, regroup and start moving back to the APC. Keep your eye on the number of turns left because you have to complete your mission within 15 turns.

It is necessary that everyone survives so try and play it safe and don’t get anyone killed.

On your way back you will find a lot of Grenadiers along the way so use your ammo wisely.

Move towards APC through the main road while taking cover behind wrecked cars and blockades. Keep all your soldiers close to each other in order to give cover to each other.

You will probably be facing 15-20 Grenadiers on your way back so be ready for a big fight. Move towards the white circle in order to complete the mission.

You should kill all the Grenadiers before moving any of your soldiers into the circle.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks for you regarding Gears Tactics.

  • You don’t have a lot of ammo so use your ammo wisely.
  • Use frags if you run out of your ammo.
  • Pickup loot while navigating but don’t leave yourselves exposed because of it
  • Try not to get surrounded.
  • If you find more than 1 Grenadiers very close to each other, then use frags instead of your shooting weapon as it will damage all of them instead of only 1 Grenadier.
  • Don’t move without any overwatch.
  • Don’t move without taking any cover.
  • Don’t shoot from long distances as you might miss and waste your ammo.
  • Try to use the terrain for your advantage.

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