Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 2 Left Behind Walkthrough

In this guide, we will be giving you all the details related to Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 2 Left Behind, including the enemies which you will encounter while tackling this part of the game.

Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 2 Left Behind

Act 1 Chapter 2 is the first proper mission of the game, considering Zero Hour was just a tutorial, in which you will command a four-person squad.

After you are done with the cutscene you will be allotted two new recruits:

  • Tyrone, who carries a chain gun that slows up his mobility and other actions but compensates with high firepower
  • Marcella, who is a scout and carries a shotgun that has high firepower but not enough range. Another ability which she has is cloaking, which means she can get through enemy overwatch without any problem, fitting for a scout

The main objective of this chapter is to “Investigate the Ambush Site” with other challenges including

  • No units have been downed or killed

Note that Gabe and Sid must survive for the main objective to be completed

The Left Behind mission begins with a squad of four people in the center of the large courtyard.

As the area and your squad size both are large, you need to use the open space to play this mission tactically.

The first wave of enemies that you will be facing is near the disabled tank which is straight ahead.

The thing which you need to keep in mind during these fights are where you are taking cover.

Taking cover behind the wooden boxes will be a bad option because they will break when the enemies fire at you. So, you need to take cover behind the rigid and hard materials.

Once you are done with the first wave of enemies and E-hole will form from which enemies will be emerging.

At this point, you shouldn’t be spreading your squad far from each other as enemies will keep on spawning.

Once the spawning of enemies from E-hole ends, the last wave of enemies which will be strike you will be coming from where you started, which means from behind.

As soon you defeat the last wave of enemies your Act 1 Chapter 2 mission will be completed keeping in mind the conditions mentioned earlier.

Keep a check on the HP of your squad and think twice before making every single move. You don’t want to get yourself in front of an enemy’s overwatch.

Other than the mission there are two case locations:

  • First one is on the left side of the squad from the starting position
  • Second one is on the right side of the courtyard, after you progress through first wave of enemies.

Make sure you nab these cases for armor and weapon upgrades as these will prove useful in later chapters

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