Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 1 Zero Hour Walkthrough

We have created a complete guide of Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 1: Zero Hour for you, which will help you through the tutorial mission

Gears Tactics Zero Hour acts as a tutorial mission but to those not familiar with turn-based tactics games, it can be a little daunting. We have created a complete guide of Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 1: Zero Hour for you, which will help you on your way to victory.

Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 1 Zero Hour

The primary objective of the mission is to retrieve Classified Documents from the general Office at the CIC.

You also have to make sure that Gabe and Sid must survive; otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to complete the mission.

The Squad that will be used in this mission will include Gabe Diaz and Sid Redburn. There are other objectives as well which will be discussed as they arise through the mission.

The Act 1 Chapter 1 mission starts when you use the vehicle to reach the CIC.

The first enemy you encounter after reaching there is HAMMERBURST DRONE, ranged soldiers which use cover and defensive abilities.

Firstly, you’ll be prompted by the game to move into cover. Then you have to shoot the HAMMERBURST DRONE which is right in front where the Gabe took cover, you just have to shoot it down.

There are other HAMMERBURST DRONE as well shoot them on your right behind the concrete structure.

You have to get yourself covered to avoid critical hits from the enemy. Use tactical communication which will tell you about your chance of hitting.

This will prevent you from wasting your ammo in missed shots.

Now kill the HAMMERBURST DRONE behind the rock because you have a 100% chance to hit it.

Your abilities like shooting and walking require actions, using them wisely is key to success in Gears Tactics.

Just kill all the remaining enemies by following the above steps and move forward. You can use the chainsaw for killing enemies as well.

When you move further you will encounter WRETCH, a melee hunter that immediately attacks if you get too close.

Now use overwatch against them and try to maintain distance from them.

Follow the same approach to move into the cover and avoid direct contact with the enemy.

Use overwatch to monitor their movement and killing them with guns.

Use disabling shot if enemies have set the overwatch as well because it can really hurt you.

Continue to play like that takes cover, set overwatch, and use your actions wisely don’t waste your ammo.

Kill all the Wretch using this method and you can also use execution for killing your enemies.

Just move forward like this and enter the command building. Reload your weapon and use the overwatch to kill the enemies. You can heal Sid after he gets hit and kills the enemy.

When the Battlefield is clear head out moves towards CIC go into the building using the stairs quickly.

You will find the classified file there and have to move out of it because the area is under attack.

When you reach the checkpoint, the area is covered with enemies, so throw a Frag Grenade at Wretch groups.

After that, you have to kill the remaining enemies without getting critical hits. Utilize cover and overwatch to avoid those hits. Use disabling shot whenever your enemies set overwatch.

After the battlefield is cleared you will be attacked from the sky and you have to move into the bank vault to survive it.

You will get out of the vault when the attack is over. Now you have to return to the vehicle.

When you reach the Checkpoint, you can also collect equipment cases during missions which you can use for powerful upgrades after the mission ends. Gear collection is vital to building a strong squad

Move forward by taking cover and use overwatch to check whether there is an enemy or not.

Enemies will now come out of an Emergence Hole; they will continue to spawn enemies so you have to try and close it with explosives after the first wave.

Now take cover and throw a grenade into the hole to stop the enemy spawns and finish the remaining locust

Reinforcements will be arriving up ahead so reload your weapons and make use of overwatch and move forward.

Enemies will be also overwatching so be on the lookout and don’t rush in. Now kill the last few enemies and the battlefield will be cleared.

Now move quickly to the vehicle before more enemies attack you again.  Now you have to take the classified documents to the chairman who will assign you the next mission.

This is all from Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 1 Zero Hour.

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