Gears of War: Judgment – Microtransactions Include Double XP Packs

Epic Games confirmed microtransactions to be included in Gears of War: Judgment but so far it was unknown as to what players could actually buy.

VideoGamer has now confirmed that one of the items in the in-game store is a ‘double XP’ boost. The temporary boost in XP gain comes in variant packs ranging between 80 Microsoft Points and 800 Microsoft Points.

The 80 Microsoft Points pack will net you a 10-match double XP boost, for 320 MSP you will get a 50 Match Pack; 560 MSP will get you a 100 Match Pack, and finally, a 200 Match Pack will be for 800 MSP.

XP is used to unlock character and weapon skins in the game. Many who perhaps have lesser time to give to the game, can make use of an XP boost kit.

Microtransactions are the future and the future begins now. Earlier this year EA confirmed their plans to include microtransactions in every upcoming game, starting with Dead Space 3. Activision included the micro-model to their Black Ops 2 title just last week.

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