How to Play Gears of War Online on Hamachi

Gears of War was one of my favorite third-person action game mostly due to its addictive cooperative story mode. Back in the day, Hamachi was the only easy solution to play Gears of War online with friends but now you can play Gears of War on Tunngle as well.

In any case, you don’t need Games For Windows Live and can enjoy the lag-free multiplayer you have been desiring.
Let’s begin with the tutorial to play Gears Of War online using Hamachi:

Step 1
You must have Gears Of War with certificate expiry patch applied on.

Step 2
Now you need Gears Of War Hamachi fix which you can download from internet easily.(Updated: 20/8/2010)

Step 3
Copy all the downloaded files in Gears Of War directory and overwrite if required. Make sure you have made a back up of these files in case something goes wrong.

Step 4
Now host the game through Hamachi and your friends should see your hosted games in Local network of Gears Of War .If they don’t then they should type in console key

open (your hamachi ip) e.g open

This should establish the connection, If still the connection is not successful then check that if hamachi is at top priority among your network adapters or not.If not then move it to top in your network adapters list,You can follow our Guide to configure Hamachi for all the details about getting Hamachi to work with games.

You can change the in-game nick from Player1 (which is the default) to the nick you desire. Follow the instructions in Gears of War Tunngle Guide to change the in-game nick to the one you wish.

If you are still facing problems in establishing connection then feel free to ask in the comments section. I will be more than happy to solve your issue 🙂

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