Gears Of War Creator Cliff Bleszinski Might Be Coming Out Of Retirement

Cliff Bleszinski is a former game director, well known for creating the “Gears of War” and Unreal series. He acquired the “former” title when he said he would retire from the gaming industry last year. But it seems like that is about to soon change as he might be coming out of retirement.

“CliffyB” said he was going to “reflect” in early 2018. This was after his company, Boss Key Productions was closed due to the poor performance of its first person shooter LawBreakers and battle royale Radical Height. Later that year, in November 2018, Bleszinski said that he would “NEVER” make another video game following Boss Key’s closure.

But like any creative, its hard to simply shut off ideas in your brain as Cliff seems to have found out

Even though he seems to be going down the same road, his past experience will still continue to influence his future decisions even if he makes the game. He clarified as much when he said that it wouldn’t be a battle royale:

The creative bug hasn’t truly left Bleszinski just because Boss Key Productions was shut down. Back in mid-2018, the former game director shared a concept he had for an unreleased game titled “Dragonflies,” which featured dragon-riding ninjas taking on armies of the undead.

Since the shuttering of Boss Key Productions, Bleszinski has stepped into producer roles in a variety of projects outside the gaming industry. In December 2018, he co-produced the Broadway musical Hadestown, while he is also serving as the executive producer of the upcoming Gears of War movie.

CliffyB returns might mean that the game industry will see a really good game. Epic Games were his former employers but between the time he “retired” and now, Epic Games have launched the Epic Games Store and Fortnite has achieved even more success. Who knows, maybe the new game from CliffyB might even be an Epic Games Exclusive.