Ice-T: Gears Of War Announcement Coming This Week, Could It Be Gears Of War 5?

Microsoft launched Gears Of War 4 in 2016 and since then developer the Coalition has been supporting it with new content and recently Microsoft brought Gears Of War 2 for Xbox One X and now a Gears Of War announcement is coming this week according to Ice-T.

There have been many rumors and hints over the internet suggesting that The Coalition is working on Gears Of War 5 and Ice-T might have just confirmed that The Coalition will be revealing the game soon.

Ice-T took to Twitter and posted that exclusive Gears Of War announcement will be made this week. However, he didn’t reveal anything what the announcement could be so we can speculate until The Coalition and Microsoft make the announcement.

With Splash Damage reportedly working on Gears Of War 5 campaign, it is possible that The Coalition will be dropping a teaser trailer for the upcoming Gears Of War title and the game will be fully revealed at Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference.

Cinematic Lead – Gears of War Franchise

As a Cinematic Lead at Splash Damage you will be responsible for planning, directing and delivering high quality in-game cinematics that will tie together gameplay and narrative through realistic acting, compelling action and expressive dialogs.

However, since Microsoft has brought Gears Of War 2 to Xbox One X there might be a chance that the studio might be revealing the Gears Of War 2 Ultimate Edition like how Microsoft launched the Ultimate Edition for the Original Gears Of War.

Speaking of Gears Of War, a movie based on the popular franchise was announced to be in pre-production, however, since then the studio hasn’t revealed anything about the project.

What do you think the Gears Of War announcement will be? Do you think the studio is working on Gears Of War 5? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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