Rod Fergusson Admits Gears 4 Played It Safe But Gears 5 Is Different

Rod Fergusson, who’s in charge of Gears of Wars at Microsoft, said at an E3 panel that he and his team had “felt like we had to prove ourselves,” when they were developing 2016 Gears of War 4. Gears of Wars 4 was the first Gears The Coalition developed.

The first three Gears of Wars were developed under Epic Games. He admitted their reservation to change had cost them as fans complained of the lack of innovation. But the strategy for Gears of Wars 5 is different. It will have a lot of change, according to the interview. Gears of wars 4’s most significant change was making COG soldier J.D the main lead.

Fenix happened to be the son of the original protagonist, Marcus Fenix. His companions include Del Walker, an aged Marcus, and a member of the anti-COG community, the Outsiders, Kait Diaz.

We really went out going, ‘Okay, we’re going to stay true to what Gears is, and [not] mess with it too much. We really didn’t want people going, ‘Well they don’t know what they’re doing.’

And what we got instead was like, ‘There’s not enough innovation here.’ We sort of took that feedback about, ‘We trust you, please go push it.’ And so we really brought that to Gears 5.

Gears 5 makes a change to the team dynamic by making Kait the main playable protagonist. The second most significant change is that three-player co-op is allowed instead of the two-player co-op like Gears 4. Cover based shooting will still be an important part of the game but there will be more options for close quarters combat.

Controls will also be slightly changed—such as the move set for execution by chainsaw bayonet(a signature move of the franchise)migrating from a hold of the Xbox controller’s B button to a hold of the right bumper. Making it easier to change direction to chainsaw enemies, according to Ferguson.

Targeting specific parts of the body will ensure faster victory and the addition of a health bar will let you know who to target first. The difficulty levels have been renamed to beginner/intermediate/experienced/insane. The game will have five modes; the campaign, Horde mode, and Versus mode and the PvE Escape, which is going to be a new mode. Gears 5 will feature extensive story exposition, especially since the last part’s ending was not well understood by most.

Source: Kotaku

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