Gears of War 4 PC Hinted by Aaron Greenberg, Announcement Coming?

Marketing man Aaron Greenberg may have indirectly confirmed the existence of Gears of War 4 PC. He recently spoke in an interview and it looks like he slipped-up.

Gears of War 4 PC is rumored for a while now and considering the amount of Xbox exclusives coming to PC, and Microsoft’s aim for a unified platform, at this point it won’t be a shock to see an official announcement.

However, Microsoft is keeping this under wraps for the time being. But Aaron Greenberg gave us some juicy details about the existence of Gears of War 4 PC, and their future plans for Windows 10 gaming.

Here’s a statement he provided to Gameblog.Fr:

Our business is not to prevent players to play the games we create. What we really intend to do is to make sure that our games are utilized by the greatest possible number of gamers. Doing so allows the games to enjoy a greater success and in turn, it allows us to reinvest this success into new titles. When you think of something like Quantum Break, being able to offer the game on both Xbox One and Windows 10 helps Remedy and that helps us. This is the vision.

That said, as the first party we will continue to invest in the creation of great console exclusives like Gears of War 4, ReCore, Halo Wars 2 and similar titles. We believe in building one big ecosystem of games.

We know that many play on console and we will continue to offer them great games. And there are many games that can be played at the same time on the Xbox One console and PC. Take something like Quantum Break and say “if you pre-order the digital version on Xbox One, you get the Windows 10 version for free”, gamers gain a lot with that.

The saves are shared, you can continue on PC exactly where you left on the console. There are several benefits at this level for players. And we know that there is a large ecosystem of players on PC that have not been able to play our games thus far. For us, the idea is to make a bigger ecosystem and allow gamers to play titles on the devices they already own.

Xbox and Windows 10 under the same ecosystem will indeed be beneficial for PC but Xbox user base may suffer. Unless Microsoft manages to bring some of the popular PC exclusives to Xbox, their moves won’t gel well with the fan-base.

Xbox users are giving up plenty of great exclusives, but what are they gaining from it? What will stop them from moving to a more powerful platform to play these games, and play them online for free?

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