Gears Of War 4 Devs Discuss Visuals And FPS

Rod Fergusson who is studio head of The coalition, the studio behind Gears Of War 4, in a recent interview with IGN discussed visuals and FPS.

To make Gears Of War 4 as impressive as possible on Xbox one they have decided to lock the campaign on 30 frames per second, on the other hand multiplayer will run at 60 frames per second. The studio is tasked to make Gears of War 4 a graphical showcase for Xbox one.

The same happened with Gears Of War Ultimate Edition as the campaign was locked at 30 frames per second and multiplayer on 60 frames per second.

In the interview with IGN’s Unlocked Podcast Fergusson discussed the frame rate issue. He said framerate is one of many things that we have to consider when optimizing the game.

Fergusson said that he and his team want to push visuals and effects as hard as possible but there are graphical and computing power constraints in Xbox One hardware. Density of the scene, number of AI counterparts and quality of textures depend upon the console’s ability to run the game.

As the game is full of these effects and AI counterparts that is why it became a necessary decision to lock the game at 30 frames per second.

Multiplayer component on the other hand does not have any AI dependencies and studio decided that gameplay responsiveness is much more important, so they lowered the scene density and other aspects for the multiplayer to play at 60 frames per second.

Let’s see if Gears Of War 4 open beta will also run on 60 frames per second which will start from 24 April and end on May 1st. Those who purchased Gears of War Ultimate Edition will have early access to beta starting from 18th of April.

Gears Of War 4 will release for Xbox one on October 1.

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