Gears of War 4 Boss Guide – Battle Tips and Strategies to Complete All Boss Battles

Gears of War 4 Boss Guide to help you complete all the campaign bosses in the game and complete Gears of War 4.

There are multiple Gears of War 4 bosses that you encounter during the course of singleplayer campaign – each with its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

Even the smallest of these bosses can prove fatal, especially if you do not know what you need to do and this is where our Gears of War 4 Boss Guide comes in.

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Gears of War 4 Boss Guide

In our Gears of War 4 Boss Guide, we have provided a thorough walkthrough of defeating every campaign boss in the game.

The Corpser

Act 1, Prologue
This gigantic boss cannot be damaged with your bullets and the only way to deal with it is by using the Hammer of Dawn. After the fight erupts, try to avoid getting hurt and head towards the burning white van on the immediate left of The Corpser.

I suggest moving from cover to cover in order to get the Hammer of Dawn. Once you have acquired it, retreat a safe location before using it. Once you are in a safe position, aim the HOD anywhere on The Corpser, and continue to hold the trigger until the weapon’s orbital strike is complete.

It should take at least of a couple of hits from the Hammer of Dawn to get rid of The Corpser.

The Kestrel

Act 2, Chapter 2
As soon as you see the chopper arrive, get behind cover and hit its glowing engine with a Lancer until it locks on its lasers on your location. Once that happens, move away quickly. Simply keep on changing locations while targeting the engines to force the Kestrel to retreat… for a while.

After the chopper returns, head inside the armoury. You basically need to take cover along the armoury doorway and targets its engines again. This time around, the Kestrel will fire rockets at you which are fairly inaccurate but deal good damage. Moreover, if you can somehow land a few shots into its rocket pod, you will deal a significant amount of damage.

If not, continue to hit the glowing engines to bring down the chopper for good.

The Swarm

Act 3, Chapter 2
After cutting through the vine into an alleyway, you will be greeted by a small army of Juvies. These enemies are agile, always charge at you, lack any ranged attacks, and can deal decent amount of damage if close in the distance.

Moreover, due to their speed, it becomes frustrating to score a headshot. This is why you should get the Gnasher and get rid of them in one or two shots. Your Gnasher should be more than enough to deal with them since they do not have a lot of HP.

You should also try not to open any additional pods by accident and be precise with your shots – especially if you are using something like Lancer. After killing around 20 Juvies, you should be good to move on.

The Pouncer

Act 3, Chapter 2
You encounter the group outside the tram station – one initially and another two after the first one is dead. Its basic attack is a barrage of quills coming out of its tail. The creature basically fires 3-4 volleys of the quills followed by a leap to another area.

As soon as you see its tail glow orange, prepare to dodge. Moreover, if you are too close to the creature, it will jump you and trigger a QTE – repeatedly press B to get rid of it. The idea is to stay behind cover most of the time and continue shooting at it from there. You can also use either Chainsaw or Gnasher to get rid of them.

The Snatcher

Act 3, Chapter 6
This boss has everything at The Pouncer’s disposal and more. It has a quill attack which can instantly down any squad member so it is important that you do not get hit by it and revive downed teammates. If you are unable to revive or get revived, The Snatcher will engulf the downed member… and sometimes, flee the area – resulting in a failed mission.

In order to free an engulfed teammate, continue to shoot the boss’s orange abdomen which should force The Snatcher to spit out the snatched one. Moreover, it also spits toxic on the ground which deals damage and remains on the ground for a few seconds. Lastly, it has a ground-pound attack which deals a huge amount of damage and allows The Snatcher to engulf a downed teammate.

In order to defeat the boss, you basically need to direct all your firepower to its orange abdomen and keep as much distance as possible. Last but not the least, there is a Boomshot near one of the pods which can make short work of The Snatcher in no time.

The Carrier

Act 4, Chapter 3
This boss emerges from the large metal doors and is one tough creature. One of the first things that you need to know about the boss is not to let it close in the gap and ground-pound you to your grave.

Apart from that, the boss also opens its chest cavity to toss a barrage of flying projectiles that deal a significant amount of damage and cause burning effects for a few seconds. Whenever you see The Carrier retreat a little to execute this attack, try to hit the projectiles while they are still in the air and get behind cover to minimise the damage.

Always keep a safe distance from the boss and direct all your firepower into his open chest cavity whenever you see the animation. You should also be able to get Frag Grenades and Boomshot ammo at the bottom of the stairs which deal a huge amount of damage to the boss.

Near the end of the battle, The Carrier will create a shockwave with its ground-pound attack and will spew projectiles directly at you instead of leaving them in the air. Once again, you basically need to hit its open chest cavity whenever you get the chance and complete the boss battle.

The Swarmak

Act 4, Chapter 5
After you start the boss battle, continue firing at it until you get a new objective of using the transformers to deal damage to The Swarmak. You basically need to use your senses to find where the transformers are located, pull the lever, and continuously fire at a transformer’s exposed core to overload it and damage The Swarmak.

Moreover, you should also be able to get Markza MK1 and Boomshot near the transformers – both of these weapons are excellent for dealing damage to the boss’s exposed blisters. After a short while, The Swarmak will call in multiple Juvies to join the fight. At this point, stay behind cover to avoid the boss’s damage and eliminate Juvies using your Lancer.

After the third transformer, Scions will enter the area. Once this happens, head to the upper walkway and eliminate Scions ASAP – you must not leave them hanging about for too long. After the fourth and the last transformer; split into two groups – with one dealing damage to the exposed blisters and the other group eliminating Juvies and Drones in order to complete the boss fight.

Hive Beast

Act 5, Chapter 4
Once the battle starts, use your Buzzkill in order to deal damage to the boss’s tentacles. It is highly recommended that you focus on one at a time. After dealing critical damage to a tentacle, charge in, and go for an execution. However, do note that Hive Beast is capable of sprouting another tentacle.

In order to prevent it, call in your air support and target the area from where the tentacle emerges. Do note that you must do it for all the tentacles in order to complete the boss battle.

Once you are done with all available tentacles, charge in – use your spin blades to avoid the projectiles – and press Y to cut through its arm. Do this for the other arm as well and continue dealing damage to its head in order to complete the final Gears of War 4 boss battle.

This is all we have on Gears of War 4 Boss Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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