Gears of War 3 Weapons Guide

What if Marcus Fenix or any other character in Gears of War 3 doesn’t have any weapons? Gears of War will become a wrestling arena than an epic shooter and you will be banging your heads against any solid support! Gears of War 3 weapons occupy primary importance in the gameplay loop like other shooters and this guide will give you an insight into all the usable guns in the game.

Gears of War 3 Weapons

You choose the weapon that suits your gameplay so it’s always a good idea to know about the basic attributes of each weapon especially in multiplayer.

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Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are usually effective to shoot enemies from distance. Following assault rifles are included in Gears of War 3:

If you have played Gears of War 2 or the one before that then you would be aware of the strength and weaknesses of this weapon. It’s the primary assault rifle you would come across in any Gears of War game. It comes along with a chainsaw that can be used to cut enemies into pieces when they get close to you. Although Lancer has better fire rate and accuracy, it is not the most damaging rifle in the group.

Since the weapon spills bullets at a faster rate in a continuous stream, make sure you aim your target well otherwise you will be reloading it multiple times and then ultimately run out of bullets. Lancer is a moderate choice, for the starters at least.

The weapon wasn’t that pleasing in the early games but with the introduction of iron-sights in Gears of War 3, it is far more accurate now. Its damage is better than Lancer but the fire rate has been has been compromised to keep up the balance.

Since the weapon has no special attachment for melee, avoiding close combat is a wise option. It will take multiple melee hits to take out the enemy.

Retro Lancer (Chainsaw Bayonet)
Retro Lance has a Bayonet attached in place of a chainsaw. So if you are using roadie run, anyone that comes in your contact will be taken out by the knife. Overall, if you can deal the accuracy limitation, it can be a great weapon of choice. To overcome the accuracy issue, you can try shooting in small bursts so that the weapon does not sway too much. It’s not an easy job as most of us like to keep spraying the bullets till magazine runs out.


Pistols come handy when your primary weapons run out of ammo.

Boltok Pistol
Just like a sniper, Boltok can be a one hit one kill weapon but if you miss your shots, its slow fire rate and longer reload duration can put you in trouble specially when you are surrounded by enemies.

Snub Pistol
Apparently, the Snub Pistol is a secondary weapon but looking at its accuracy and power, you can use it for the same purpose as your primary weapons. I will call it the desert eagle from COD series.

Gorgon Pistol
If recoil is not a big issue for you then you are going to love this automatic pistol in the game. With an impressive fire rate, you can take out enemies effectively but for that you will have to keep the cross-hair controlled.


My favorite weapons in any shooter. It’s because they are the perfect choices, just because of the fun factor.

Gnasher was overpowered in previous games and somehow used to spoil the fair play as players used to rush in and eliminate enemies with a bullet or two. Now it has been downgraded a bit to maintain the balance. It has longer range now but the damage has been reduced. It’s still an effective weapon in close combat but you will have to be more accurate otherwise you can be in trouble.

If Gnasher does not satisfy you then Sawn-off surely will due to its high damaging ability. It can be regarded as the most powerful weapon in the game. There are limitations of course like the longer reload time which can cost you a lot if you miss your first shot. But once you are used to it, you can scare off your opponent easily.

Explosive Weapons/Incendiary

These weapons are quite different from the regular weapons and have distinct attributes.

Torque Bow
I feel like the Robin hood of Gears with this weapon in my hand. The only difference is that the bows carry explosives which explode on hitting the target. All you need to do is hit your target and you will have a confirmed kill. That does not stand for bigger enemies of course. You can also use this weapon to force your enemies out of the cover using its blast.

You must have heard the alarming sound, “Boomers”. Yes, i am referring to those giant locusts carrying the Boomshot. Just like a rocket launcher, you can rocket fire towards your enemies. Boomshot has the dipping affect so always shoot slightly above your target for a successful hit.

Digger Launcher
To me, its the most exciting new addition in Gears of War 3 arsenal. You can dig in the fire and it will explode when an enemy comes in contact. It works like a C4 explosive which explode when any object enters its range. Its digging ability can also be used for killing enemies behind the cover.

How do you like to burn your enemies down? Scorcher is back from Gears of War 2 and it’s range has been improved a bit. So if you want to force the enemies to retreat then you should give this flamethrower a shot. It can be a great option in narrow places but in open, you can be nailed in no time.

Hammer of Dawn
Hammer of Dawn is there unchanged since Gears of War. All you need is open sky and you can cause a lot of panic in enemy ranks. It’s specially useful in taking out enemies hiding in cover. The weapon is of no real use inside the building or any other closed structure.

Scoped Weapons

Sniping is always fun but you need to be dead accurate for that. Gears of War 3 features following scoped rifles.

You can take out the enemy far away, with a single shot. It has 2x zoom but you can also use it without the scope. It has a long reload time so make sure you use the quick reload or it might be too late for you.

The name signifies its function. With one-shot, you can shoot through cover but make sure that your hit counts as it will take some time before you can get your second shot. Valuable for shooting from distance when there is no enemy around but in rush, it won’t be of any great use.


These weapons are used when placed on certain support like a heavy machine gunner.

Using Mortar, you can fire explosive towards the enemy. It’s like an artillery strike effective against opponents hiding in cover. But since this weapon makes you stationary, you can’t use it in the middle of battlefield.

Mulcher is a great weapon to suppress enemies. You can use it while standing or rest it on any cover for better accuracy. Keep an eye on its heating status though as it can be annoying upon overheating.

Vulcan Cannon
It’s similar to Mulcher except for the fact that its ammo causes more damage than the former. You can use it alone or have any other player to take care of the ammo which will cut the trouble of reloading after short intervals.


Gears of War series have its own unique style in grenades.

You can throw frag grenades in an arc that will explode after a few seconds. You can also use them to tag the enemy that is quite close to you.

These grenades release poisonous gas that can be lethal. If you want to secure any area and you are outnumbered, Ink grenades can be used as a last resort. Like frags, enemies can also be tagged by these grenades.

Smoke grenade is a blessing when you are pinned down by enemy fire or a prime target. You can smoke the area and switch your position to avert the danger.

These grenades burn any target that comes in the range. You can use them to take out enemies hiding in corners.

This grenade functions the same as Ink grenade with the only difference being that it releases a swarm of Kryll instead of the toxic ink.

Other Weapons

Butcher Cleaver
If you want to cleave your opponent’s body into two like a butcher then this weapon has been included just for you. Obviously, you will have to get closer to do the damage. You can use it for limited splicing after which its blade breaks.

Boom shield
You can use these metallic shields for cover but they aren’t perfect. You can use them to push enemies back but if you don’t have the covering fire, you won’t last long.

Chain Gun
It uses an electric motor instead of a hand-crank system of the Mulcher. It has an extremely high firing rate as it is fully automatic with a low to medium accuracy. It can be used for shirt-medium and high ranges. In the game there is no cap to its ammunition count and it even has very high damage per bullet hit.

Commando Knife
It is also known as the fighting knife used by commandos of the “26 RTI Special Tactics Group”.

Imulsion Counter Measure Weapon
This weapon deals radiation damage which causes all the Imulsion cells in a living being to be destroyed. It is extremely big in size with a pulse firing rate. It uses targeted radiation and it a planet wide range.

A large metal rod used by a tremor which is used to used to call seeders.

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